Huawei P40 Pro. First Review.
Sergio Montana

Huawei P40 Pro. First Review.

First and detailed look at the flagship Huawei P40 Pro.

Sales of flagships from Huawei have never set records; this is a fairly new niche for a company in which it has no noticeable sales. The direction of development is also understandable - the emphasis on photography, shooting video, this is what Huawei can do. And in the P40 Pro this tradition is supported, the device should be interesting first of all for those who like to take pictures. Secondly, it is a flagship with the characteristics corresponding to the current situation. The device turned out to be interesting, and in many aspects it either stands out for the better than competitors. Let's understand together the strengths and weaknesses of this model.

In the box

• Smartphone
• Silicone Case
• Fast charge at 40 watts
• USB Type C Cable (USB Type A)
• Clip for SIM tray
• Wired stereo headset (USB Type C)
• Instruction


Huawei did the same as Apple in the latest generation iPhone, the smartphone’s body is made of glass, but satin was used. That is, it is a little rough, handprints do not remain.

But they also left the game in the light, the case in different lighting looks different, plays with colors. And this is cool, because it allows you to not use the case, although there is one “but”, the camera unit protrudes quite strongly. And if the P30 Pro lay flat on the table, almost did not rise, then in the P40 Pro the angle of inclination is noticeable.

Three color options are available.

The size of the device has not changed much, it is 158.2 × 72.6 × 8.95 mm, weight 203 grams (for comparison, the P30 Pro - 158 × 73.4 × 8.4 mm, 192 grams).

The design chip is a screen that creeps on all the faces, including the ends. And this is surprising, since it looks beautiful on the outside, but the mechanical strength during falls will be noticeably lower.

But the bends of the screen near.

Such an unusual screen is a kind of trick, since manufacturers need to show the growth of the screen diagonal while maintaining the size of the case, it is impossible to increase the size and sacrifice ergonomics. Therefore, the influx of the screen on the sides allowed to increase its diagonal to 6.58 inches and even raise the resolution! The P30 Pro has a diagonal of 6.47 inches.

There are no stereo speakers in the device, since the main earpiece is hidden under the display. The second speaker is at the bottom. The device has protection against water according to the IP68 standard.

Three microphones (two ends and a back) provide good noise reduction, they are quite sensitive and cope with work even in noisy places.

The USB Type C connector is on the bottom, there is also a slot for nanoSIM cards or one card and an NM memory card. The device also has eSIM support, but, alas, there is one radio module.

On the right side there is a paired volume button, as well as an on / off button.

The build quality is excellent, there is not a single gripe. Beautiful design of the back, the device is definitely good.

The fingerprint sensor of the new generation, the area increased by 30%, it began to work faster, and this is noticeable in life, especially in comparison with the same S20 +. An excellent sensor that is applicable in practice.

Unlocking the face also works in almost complete darkness, since, in addition to the front camera, IR illumination is used, which was not the case in the previous device.


We list the technical specifications: 6.58 inches, 1200x2640 pixels (19.5: 9), AMOLED, automatic brightness control, AlwaysOn Display, refresh rate 90 Hz. The first and main change is support for 90 Hz, which is already pleasing. But of course, this affects the battery life. It is the 90 Hz setting that is best used with the device.

The screen settings have not changed much, you can choose the colors that are closer to you, adjust the tone. There is a blue filter that someone might like.

The dark topic is turned on by hands, you can’t configure its work on a schedule, which is sad enough, this is a minus for the device.
Auto brightness, as usual for Huawei, is very aggressive, the screen is dark in most situations. But gradually the situation gets better if you constantly adjust this parameter.

In the sun, the screen remains readable, but in camera mode you see that the brightness in the sun is often not enough, the picture is not so vibrant anymore, this is not what you get in the final result.

Unfortunately, the AlwaysOn Display mode is very simple, you only see the time, event icons for standard applications. You cannot configure the mode, but different types of clocks and pictures have appeared, they greatly diversify the screen and move in the right direction.


The smartphone has a built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh. Nothing has changed here compared to the P30 Pro, the same fast charging SuperCharge 2 at 40 watts (this is a complete unit, it is quite weighty). The unit gives the following parameters: 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 10V / 4A. The cable that comes with the kit is 5A, that is, using old cables will not work, you will not get the same charging speed.

A full battery charge takes 65 minutes. There is a built-in Qi wireless charging, fast charging is supported (now up to 27 watts, but you need to buy a separate device). Reverse charging is also supported.

Memory, chipset, performance

The memory option is the only one at the moment - 8/256 GB. The built-in memory has a high read and write speed.

Inside is Kirin 990 (7 nm), the device is equipped with 5G by default, this is part of the system.

Under load, throttling appears only after 15 minutes. But here it should be noted that the device behaves perfectly, almost does not heat up.
There are no complaints about performance, this device belongs to the flagships. The fact that the resolution of the screen is FullHD + gives the interface an excellent first job, which is understandable. Therefore, there are no complaints about the speed of work and can not be. Toys run the same way as on other flagships of this class.


The front camera gives nice pictures, but do not expect something like that, everything is at the level of modern flagships.

The main camera is interesting in its capabilities, since the main camera module is 50 megapixels. But the choice of resolution is presented in additional effects, as well as HDR, which is inconvenient.

The settings also removed the ability to select the video resolution and frame rate for each camera separately, now one setting for both cameras.
The emphasis in the camera is on the zoom, so you can get a fully working zoom x10 (hybrid), optical x5. There is a wide angle.

In general, the camera makes a good impression.


Alas, the device does not support Google services. Therefore, for everyone who is looking for a model with Google support, it is definitely not suitable.

The device is nice, the cameras are good. This smartphone is a good progressive development of the flagship line from Huawei.

HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G Smartphone 6.58 inch EMUI 10.1 Kirin 990 5G 8-core 2.86GHz 2.36GHz 1.95GHz 8GB RAM 128GB ROM 50.0MP + 40.0MP + 12.0MP + 3D Deeply Rear Camera 4200mAh CN Plug



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