Best High-Performance Laptop At Low Price For 2020
Abdelhak khai

Best High-Performance Laptop At Low Price For 2020

Computers are still important in our daily lives despite the presence of smartphones, the computer remains necessary, especially if you are a student or a fan of watching movies.
The price of computers varies according to specifications, and in this article, I will suggest a laptop that has very great specifications compared to its price. By the way, there is a flash sale on Gearbest where you can buy it at the cheapest price.

The computer I am talking about is CENAVA N145 its design is unique and modern, the screen of this computer comes in a size of 14.1 inches and its type is IPS and its accuracy is very excellent and it is Full HD.

CENAVA N145 14.1 inch Laptop Windows 10 OS / Intel Core i7-6600U 2.6GHz CPU / 8GB DDR4 RAM + 256GB SSD Notebook



The screen covers the computer interface almost completely as there are no prominent edges that make the computer appear elegant, of course, there is a front camera for video calls.

The CENAVA N145 computer carries powerful hardware as it comes with an Intel Core i7-6600U processor with a frequency of up to 2.6 GHz. With this processor, you can run games smoothly and open the huge programs that need strong resources.

The graphics processor on this laptop is NVIDIA GeForce 940M, it's amazing to see This processor in a computer at this price because most companies put in their low-cost computers processors much less efficient than the processor used in the CENAVA N145 computer.

As for RAM in this computer, it has a capacity of 8 GB of type LPDDR4, as is well known, the larger the RAM, the more it is possible to perform multiple tasks at the same time and this computer provides a very sufficient capacity of ram.

Among the strengths of this computer is that it comes with an SSD storage capacity and this type is very fast compared to HDD hard disk. The storage size in the CENAVA N145 computer is 256 GB. You can also add an external memory card of up to 64 GB. I think the storage space in this computer is enough to store your files and download the various programs you need.

This computer works with Android 10 system and it is equipped with several ports, including HDMI, and it contains an internal cooling system and also has a fingerprint reader to protect your privacy.

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