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View More 【6 stars product! WOW what a watch!】This is the best watch I ever had. Its data is correct, heartbeat, sports data, sleepdata.. name it and it is ok.

Ok, it is not cheap, but it is worth every euro or dollar. I have it now for a week and I am still very excited about it.

It is very beautiful in bright sunlight, the backlit helps in the dark. I have 80 different watch faces on it (big toys for big boys) and there are hundreds more. I tested it during mountainbiking, and it is absolutely WOW. nice GPS map, heartrate data, distance, speed, training load, It states how long you need to recover from it. WOW, it is a personal coach/trainer on my wrist.

It also has a compass, keeps sleep data, very good app for on your smartphone, is 50m waterproof, everything is just super on this watch. it has a 5-day weather forecast if you sync it with your smartphone daily, also alarm, but you should know it doesn't have an alarm sound, just a vibration on your wrist, but no sound. stopwatch and timer are also present. You can load some music tracks on your watch (using the app, or connecting the watch by USB to a pc) and when you use a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earplugs, you can control the music with the watch, nice during sport activities, no messing around with you smartphone during a jog or bike ride.

If you sit down too long, it gives you the notice to get up and take a small walk. When you keep it connected through Bluetooth with your phone, all messages are displayed on the screen, but the text is only ok for people with good eyes (I mean a little small, but readable with your glasses on for people with spectacles) also it states when someone calls you, message only, not able to call with it. there are no holes in it, so no sounds. (with holes you can not have the 50 m waterproof feature I guess) And if I have to choose between 50m waterproof or (alarm)sounds and phone sounds, I choose the 50m, so I don't care about the lack of sound...

So if you want a super nice watch with sports functions, nice extra options and good working functions and correct data, this is the watch you want! View Less

AMAZFIT Stratos / Pace 2 Smartwatch Global Version

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