The Best Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Under $30! Bilikay J31 Bluetooth Headset is Born for Night Sports
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The Best Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Under $30! Bilikay J31 Bluetooth Headset is Born for Night Sports

Bone Conduction Headphones are gradually hogging the limelight in headphone technology today. 

The term “Bone Conduction” involves the transmission of sound to the inner ear, majorly through the bones of the cheeks, this allows the user to listen to audio content without necessarily blocking the ear canals.

What are Bone Conduction Headphones and how do they work?

Conventionally, we listen to most sounds through our eardrums, the eardrums basically convert the sound into vibrations and transmit them to the inner ear (cochlea). This means that the eardrums are not entirely necessary in listening to a sound if vibrations can directly get to the cochlea.

Bone Conduction Headphones take advantage of this fact by decoding sound waves, converting them into vibrations and directly sending them to the cochlea through the bones of the skull, bypassing the eardrums. 

Since bone conduction headphones transmit sound to the inner ear through the simulation of the bones of the skull, users can listen to audio content while maintaining complete situational awareness.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones better than earbuds? What do they sound like?

One definite question going through your mind right now is whether or not Bone Conduction Headphones sound better than regular earbuds. The sound heard through a Bone Conduction Headphone is similar to your own voice that you'll hear when you stick your fingers in your ears, except that Bone Conduction Headphones allow you to simultaneously listen to people, another media source, or your environment while exercising. 

Generally, the quality of sound that you'll get from a Bone Conduction Headphone is highly dependent on the quality of the headphones. Some other factors to consider include durability, design, and connectivity.

The Bilikay J31 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Like fireflies in the dark, the Bilikay J31 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone is made for sport, producing quality sound that hits you deep in the bone marrow.
The Bilikay J31 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone is a companion, with sophisticated technology designed to transmit sound by human vibration, while releasing both ears and this is of great benefit to people with difficulty in hearing.

Is Bilikay J31 wireless bone conduction headset worth buying?

The importance of choosing the right product when shopping for a Bone Conduction Headphone cannot be overemphasized. 

The Bilikay J31 wireless headphones are not just built to stimulate the inner ears for the sake of it, it is equipped with the latest physical and technical technologies to give you the best audio experience that you can't get elsewhere.

Features of Bilikay J31

● Bone Conduction Technology

This technology and design let you listen to music through the cheekbones, keeping your ears fully aware of the surrounding sounds, and it has no adverse effect on the ears when worn for long periods.

● Design

The Bilikay J31 has an ergonomic design which is damage proof against bending and twisting while maintaining comfort and style, the headphone is inlaid with reflective materials which reflects any light source in the dark making it the most versatile headphones in its class for sports, night clubs and bars. It is also equipped with large angle reflective technology which reduces blind spots and eliminates environmental safety hazards by keeping you in constant awareness of your surroundings.

● Sound Quality

The headphone is furnished with high-definition sound innovation to give you the best available audio experience. This technology ensures deep bass, strong treble, smart noise reduction as well as minimal sound leakage.

● Control

This headphone has all the control buttons you need in order to take charge of what you listen to and how you listen to it. They include the answer button, volume buttons as well as the charging port.

● Battery Endurance

This product is equipped with a large capacity battery which can guarantee 15 days stand-by time, 5+ hours continuous music play or 9+ hours of call duration.

Who is the Bilikay J31 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone best suited for?

● Individuals who love to play sports with style.

● People with tiny ear holes.

● People with hearing difficulties/deficiencies.

● People who want to take charge of their music live while having full awareness of their environment.

Having said all these, it is clear that the Bilikay J31 is the best of its class when it comes to Sport wireless earphones and you need to consider stepping up your game by taking advantage of the Bilikay J31 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone that gives you the best value for money on bone-conducting headphones under $30. 

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