Is Xiaomi MiTU Drone Under $65 The Best Affordable Choice? 720P HD FPV Camera, App Control, Smart Flight Modes...
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Is Xiaomi MiTU Drone Under $65 The Best Affordable Choice? 720P HD FPV Camera, App Control, Smart Flight Modes...

All the kids love this MiTU drone, and me too. Xiaomi is among the leading brands in the drone market. Recently, they blessed us with another addition, the Xiaomi MiTU FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone. 

Below, we have compiled a list of jaw-dropping features to help you understand why this MiTU drone is our best pick. 


The Xiaomi MiTU FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone sports a clean and simple design. Its oval-shaped body, 4 arms, and propellers are all white. At its center is a 920mAh LiPo battery enclosed in an orange cover. 

Another good thing is that its detachable propeller guards. This makes the 88-gram MiTU easy to carry around.

High Performance

This Xiaomi drone is essentially a mini-drone measuring 10x9.10x3.80 m. Its small size makes an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor flying. And it is suitable for both novice and expert pilots. It is a great device to handle. 

During outdoor flying, it is stable even in moderately windy weather. This MiTU hovers steadily, enabling experienced and inexperienced pilots to enjoy the experience. Consider removing the propeller guards when flying the drone outside. 

This will improve its stability, which is equipped by its 5 sensors explained below.

5 Sensors and a Quad-Core Processor

Xiaomi always pays close attention to its products’ performance and hardware quality. This is evident in this MiTU Drone. It features a 4-core 1.2G master chip, which processes well with data collected by its 5 in-built sensors. 

It attributes its superb performance to the optical flow sensors, barometers, ultrasonics, and 5 sensors. These features also make it an easy-to-control quadcopter.


I cannot emphasize the Xiaomi MiTU FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone’s features enough. Using this drone’s app, you can control a lot of things. You can switch from right-handed to left-handed controls, set joystick sensitivity and set Height Restriction. 

You can fly your drone high up to a maximum of 25 meters. However, your sensors might not work at this altitude. 

Other interesting control features that put the MiTU ahead of its competitors include the following: Headless Mode, Palm Takeoff, Automatic Takeoff and Landing, G-Sensor Mode, and IR Battle Mode. The IR Battle Mode enables you to connect to other MiTU drones in your region and play a virtual game. 

The Xiaomi MiTU has yet another control feature for you – the Optical Flow Position Hold, which automatically makes your drone hover steadily. To add icing on the cake, the Xiaomi MiTU has a voice warning that says “Battery low. Please be careful” whenever your drone begins running on a low battery.

High Definition Camera

Just as one of the most recent releases, the MiTU RC drone features an in-built High Definition camera. This camera can record 720HD videos at 30fps and capture decent-looking images. 

Thanks to its app, it can relay Real-Time video to your mobile phone. Nevertheless, your videos might be a bit “shaky” due to poor image stabilization. We think it is also important for you to know that the MiTU has a 4GB onboard storage for your recorded video clips and photos.

Remote Control

The Xiaomi MiTU is both Bluetooth- and WiFi-controlled. We deem mobile control to be the best experience. Mobile control allows you to take photos and record videos while you access other features and adjust your settings. 

All this is made possible by the free downloadable app available in both iOS and Android operating systems. If you want to have more fun with your MiTU, consider purchasing a separate Bluetooth remote controller.

The Xiaomi MiTU Specifications

Absolutely, the Xiaomi MiTU FPV 720P HD Camera Mini RC Drone’s specifications are surprising. First, the ability to control the drone’s flying altitude makes it an appropriate device for all kinds of pilots. 

Its flight time range is around 10 minutes but it is subject to camera usage and the prevailing flight conditions. Considering the drone’s maximum control distance, it can fly up to 50 meters away. For drones within the MiTU’s price range, this is highly commendable.

Why You Should Buy this Xiaomi MiTU

This drone is fit for pilots seeking to have fun. It is also an ideal gift for someone. Regardless of your reason for purchasing it, the Xiaomi MiTU will always give you the value of its money. Remember it has great hardware and is rich in vital and interesting features. Therefore, it is easy to control.

To be honest, you will never regret buying the Xiaomi MiTU RC drone.

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