40W Quick Charge! Baseus Flash Charge USB Cable Under $10 For 70% Charged In 0.5h! Best Cost-effective Choice!
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40W Quick Charge! Baseus Flash Charge USB Cable Under $10 For 70% Charged In 0.5h! Best Cost-effective Choice!

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Speed is everything! 

Especially for us who can't live without phones for an instant! 

You've got to have a smartphone which runs quickly. The charging speed must be quick, too! 

Time is money. We can't afford to wait for 2 to 3 hours! 

That's the reason why I prefer fast charging cables. Who doesn't like quick charge? For example, two minutes' charging for 2 hours over the phone? 

Up to now, I've used about 10 or so fast charging USB cable. Beth 40W flash charge USB cable is the easiest-to-use. It also offers the fastest charging. 

Baseus 40W flash charge USB cable

It only takes half an hour to charge your phone to 70%! 

Even if you have to go out for a moment, your phone can resume a lot of juice while you're dressing up. How wonderful it is! Therefore, I highly recommend it to you!

Reasons why you should have one: 

1. 40W, 5A flash charge. 70% charged in half an hour;

2. USB Type-C interface - any side will do;

3. For both charging and transmission, as a charging cable and data line; 

4. Made of nylon, durable for non-entanglement;

5. Only $7 at most, a cost-effective choice.

This fast charge cable features the 40W high-power, 5A super quick charge technology, currently ranking the second among the four fast-charging technologies!

It takes 2 hours to charge your phone by using an ordinary USB cable. With this USB cable, it only takes about 40 to 50 minutes. 

Of course, the charging time varies for different power adapters and batteries.

It is recommended that you choose a power adapter which supports 2A or larger current to enjoy the quick charge.

Thanks to the thick copper core, the charging speed is so fast.

According to official data, there are 292 copper cores inside, 100% more than an ordinary data cable. 

Although I can't show you this, when I am using it, I do feel that the charging speed is much faster than usual. 

I tested it with my Xiaomi smartphone. It became 15% charged in 10 minutes, twice as fast as usual! 

Moreover, during charging, the mobile phone was not hot at all. My phone was slightly warm. 

The interface of the USB cable is USB Type-C. Therefore, you don't need to know the front and reverse side. 

Just directly plug it in. How convenient it is!

The cable is intended for both charging and data transmission.

The transmission speed is as high as 480Mbps, and it only takes about 25 seconds to transmit a 1GB movie. 

The USB cable has a nylon jacket. The material excels in the resistance to wear and tear! 

The cable won't be damaged however you pull/drag it. Neither can your dog destroy it, nor make it entangled. 

As long as you have one, it's unlikely that you need a new one. The durability is exceptional, deserving five stars!

An extended sheath protects the part of the connector, which is the most vulnerable to rupture. Thus, bending 10,000 times won't cause any damage to it at all. 

iPhone users know that this part of a lightning cable is the most fragile. However, if you use this one, you won't have to worry about it at all. 

Another reason why I like the cable is that it comes with a magic tape for easy storage when the cable is not in use.

The Baseus quick charge cable supports all phones with the USB Type-C interface, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, and much more. It also supports Huawei Super Quick Charge.

It's better to use it with the original power adapter of your phone.

Apart from the red and black one, it is also available in red, black. You have two options of the cable length, 1m, and 2m.

Go and choose your favorite color!

Well, it is worth buying an excellent and durable USB cable!

Alright, I've finished the recommendation. See you!

Baseus USB3.0-A To Type-C Charging Data Cable



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