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View More As per title, my first ever sonic toothbrush. Always an Oral B electric brush user, which to be fair was a little overpowered for my gums, as from time to time they would bleed due to the pressure. But not with Oclean X, will never get back to Oral B again.

When first used, the feeling is weird, ticklish, so ticklish that i had to stop few times :), nothing wrong with that, just weird :)

Sound is definitely noticeable, higher pitched noise sort of way?! Sound like you are at the dentist, but after a while, you get used to it. After cleaning, my teeth felt cleaner, maybe a placebo? During the day teeth felt still cleaner like I just cleaned them. I must also say, after the first clean, I kind of “felt” my teeth, not in pain, but I could feel that vibrating pulsing sonic feeling over my teeth, even though I brushed them 10min ago. That feeling didnt last long, just for a short period. After second clean next day, I didn't get that anymore, but it was still ticklish to brush a bit lesser this time, I guess I need to get used to it.

On the unit itself, feels and looks premium, it feels like it came from Apple. Wish Oclean made the black model as well. Do not use the Oclean Pro app, as it will not connect to your brush, saying something wrong with serial, just download the Oclean app, the connection in seconds, upgrade the firmware and off you go. You have multiple brushing modes, or you can even create your own mode. Display on the unit shows clock, day/month and brushing time and mode selected, useful thing but you can operate without it. Every 30sec when brushing, you get a short pause, usually meaning that you have to change to the other part of the teeth side and after 2min it switches off unless you created different modes with longer brushing time.

Comes in a nice box, again, feel like Apple :). Inside you get user manual, charging dock and a micro USB cable, and of course you Oclean X with only 1 brush head. Charging dock can hold the unit in two ways, at the base (bottom) with magnets, or in the middle also with magnets, but it will only charge when the unit sits at the base. Which is ok I don't mind. Notice, that unit will come discharged, u need to charge it, but it only took me 2/2,5hrs from 0 to 100.

Really happy with my purchase and will recommend it to anyone, especially Oral B users :) View Less

Oclean X Smart Color Touch Screen Sonic Electric Toothbrush App Control International Version

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