You Won't Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 When You Got Amazfit Verge Smartwatch
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You Won't Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 When You Got Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

Because I couldn’t accept that I gain too much weight. Although I am not too fat, I still felt that I need to regain running. Even though I’m just a fresher. 

Two years ago, I ran at most 12 kilometers, and the speed was about 10.6km/h. The road for running was still very long, thus, I bought a watch and forced myself to run.

I chose the Amazfit verge smartwatch which had been launched recently and had a huge difference compared to Amazfit Stratos and Amazfit Bip.

Design and Appearance

After the package is opened, the sporty style of the dark gray Amazfit smartwatch is accentuated by the white outer packaging. 

The watch is good looking and the hand-feel is awesome.

1.3-inch big screen size satisfies daily use but I didn’t feel it bulky. 

On the right side of the Amazfit verge, there is a button that can be used to unlock when the watch screen remains locked, and it can also be used as a button to return/wake up Xiao Ai Assistant in the AMAZFIT OS system.

The PPG ( photoplethysmograph ) heart rate monitoring device is located on the back of the watch. 

Compared with the traditional ECG ( electrocardiogram ) measurement, the PPG heart rate monitoring has the advantage. 

Because the skin doesn’t need to be against the back of the watch which improves the wearing comfort and monitoring success rate. 

The Amazfit smartwatch also uses the Cleaning wristband craftsmanship, which is very good in terms of toughness and oil resistance in the actual experience.

Wear it, I can feel the weight of the dial. And the straps are soft to fit my wrist. 

And the ventilation design of Amazfit smartwatch bands makes the sweat volatilize quickly when I do exercise.

Amazfit Watch APP 

The paring of Amazfit verge smartwatch seems different from others I have met. 

After downloading the Amazfit watch APP, I scan the QR code on the watch. Turn on the Bluetooth to pair and complete the connection. 

The Amazfit APP interface is divided into four columns. I can see the information clearly in different columns. 

The left side is the main display menu, which displays the main health information, including the number of exercise steps, heart rate monitoring results and sleep monitoring results. 

The second bar is the memo to add events in the last 5 days. 

The third bar is the sport ( referring to the sports record after starting the running, riding, climbing, etc. ). 

The far right is the options for the watch's settings and APP settings.

Open "My Watch" in the app to view the settings and status of the watch. 

I can see the information including the remaining space, remaining battery, system version and so on. 

In addition, Amazfit not only supports the user to change the interface casually but also photo background customization. 

The other useful function is music import. 

By importing my favorite music to the watch via USB cable, I can enjoy music without network access after connected the Amazfit smartwatch with the Bluetooth headset. 

I also could adjust the order of applications on my phone. 

My personal habit is to adjust the movement, music, and weather to the front for easy recall. 

It is a very user-friendly design.

 It should be noted that if you want to set up sports, weather and other applications, you also need to operate through the Amazfit APP.

Sports & Life Monitoring

The Amazfit smartwatch supports the monitoring of 11 sports. 

Just open the “sports” on the watch during exercise to start selecting and recording the movement status.

Similarly, Amazfit smartwatches also support sleep monitoring, which measures sleep quality by measuring heart rate during sleep. 

The APP interface shows detailed deep, shallow sleep duration, and fall asleep and wake up.

I also tested its battery life. 

After the watch was fully charged, I turned on all notifications and did not record sports during the period. 

It was worn for nearly 2 days, and the Amazfit still had 60% remaining. 

It seems that the official 5-day battery life holds true.

Amazfit OS

The Amazfit OS also runs smoothly. 

Whether operating applications or sliding, the interface switches fluently, due to the dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB ROM. 

Built-in 4GB storage can be used for data logging and song storage.

The basic operation logic of Amazfit system is based on sliding. The way to unlock the watch is to press the red button. 

For operating conveniently, I set double-click to turn on the screen. 

And the home page can be pulled down to enter the shortcut setting menu ( similar to the control bar of the mobile phone ). 

Here you can adjust the brightness, sound and turn on the flight mode.

The home page slides up to enter the notification bar. All the information received by the mobile phone appears here. 

During the experience, a small number of notifications that are automatically set to “unimportant information” by the MIUI system. The rest will be intercepted. 

Notification reception is very fast and pushed simultaneously with the phone. Through the “Notification Test”, I can test whether information received normally.

To enter other applications, I just swipe left and right on the home page. 

The Amazfit OS supports third-party software including Himalayan, Sogou map, Mijia, Xiaomi TV remote control, Alipay, which basically satisfied the daily use in a short distance without the mobile phone. 

At the same time, the introduction of NFC features also allows Amazfit smartwatches to become bus cards, access cards, and even bank cards.

The built-in Xiao Ai Assistant needs to be unlocked with a light press of the button, and the built-in speaker and microphone can be used for voice operation.


With monetary support from Xiaomi, Amazfit is making good quality products. This Amazfit Verge is a perfect example. 

It features almost all the necessary things including a dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB ROM, decent sensors and functions. 

If you are a sportsman or conscious of health, this device will be a perfect choice. 

So, if you have the same budget and are planning to buy a smartwatch, we suggest you go for this smartwatch.

Amazfit Verge Sports Smart Watch - Chinese Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



AMAZFIT Verge Multifunctional IP68 Waterproof Practical Smart Watch ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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