Does the 5-minute Mastery of Populele U2 Smart Ukulele Live Up to Claims?
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Does the 5-minute Mastery of Populele U2 Smart Ukulele Live Up to Claims?

Hello, everybody! 

I’m your freaky buddy!

When I was young, I always thought that learning music or a musical instrument was too hard and too tiring. In my opinion, it might take away time for playing games. 

Not until in the high school, when I found that guys played guitar and sang on the playground, attracting dozens of girls that I felt regretful. 

However, it was too late then.

Thinking of my age, I feel that the idea of learning a musical instrument is insane. I’d be ashamed if I go to training courses with kids. Thus, I’ve bought this musical instrument below ▼

The Populele U2 that proclaims 5-minute mastery. 

Why should you buy the ukulele? 

The main reason is that the guitar is too big and too heavy. Additionally, it is more challenging to play the guitar. For adults who haven’t learned music before, it would be painstaking to learn to play the guitar. 

Thus, I’ve given up the guitar and chosen the Ukulele - Populele U2 Smart Ukulele instead.

The ukulele is over 50% shorter than an ordinary guitar. What’s more, its shape is unique, unlike the pear shape of other ukuleles. 

Furthermore, it is in my favorite colors, black and white. That’s probably the reason why I was attracted to it at first sight.

I’ve bought a white one with a glossy varnish surface; in comparison, the black one features a matte surface. It feels fascinating. It is made of T700 composite carbon fiber and ASA resin, instead of wood materials. The fingerboard is made of ABS. 

However, the strings are fluorocarbon, offering lower tensile strength but high flexibility. Thicker than ordinary ukulele strings, they produce gentler sounds. (Guitars use steel strings which make your finger hurt.)

There is a hole in the top for hanging it.

Here are four metal tuner buttons. Rotate them, and you can adjust the density of the strings to set the intonation. (Don’t make them tight, or they’ll be damaged.)

At the top left corner is a sound hole for the tone. Generally speaking, the bigger the soundhole, the lower the tone; on the contrary, the smaller the soundhole, the brighter the sound. 

The position of the soundhole of Populele U2 is different from standard ukuleles. What’s more, it looks quite exquisite, and the metal loop around it must be the finishing touch!

Every guitar/ukulele has a bridge. ▼


It is the bridge.

It is extraordinary, as it can light up!

There are 72 LED beads on the bridge. They are not for decoration. Guess what? They are the main reason why I’ve bought this ukulele.

I didn’t know how to play ukulele until I have received the Populele U2. Wait?! Why did I buy it? Because it comes with an App that instructs you how to play. In other words, a teacher comes with the ukulele. 

App name: Populele

The App requires a Bluetooth connection. Following the light, your left hand can play the chord. Meanwhile, your right hand can strum on Populele U2 by following the instruction on the App. 

In this way, a beginner can keep up with the rhythm, and get the hang of it.

More surprisingly, it offers a sound identification function. As you play Populele U2, it detects the sound constantly. If you don’t get it right, the App will show you all that you need to improve.

A beginner like me can finish the basic course in 2 hours and master the fingering of the chord.

Additionally, there are many songs, lyrics, accompaniments, fingerings available in the App. Each time after you finish playing, you can share music with friends!

The App provides you with tutorials, including free ones for the beginner; you need to pay for more advanced courses. With the App, you can also play music games, play together with friends, attend lectures instructed by musicians, and so on. You can have a look at the App if you’re interested in it.

On the back of the ukulele is a white button. By pressing it, you can change the battery. Two Xiaomi rainbow AAA batteries are provided as the power supply. The gray one is the on/off button.

In the box, there are accessories including an instruction, an extra Aquila string, two customized picks. 

It is a pity that it doesn’t come with a storage bag.

Although the black one looks awesome, I prefer the white one as the texture of the varnish is fascinating! 

Populele 2 23 inch App Control Smart Ukulele with LED USB Bluetooth 4.0 from Xiaomi youpin



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