Top 9 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds That Support AptX Audio Quality
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Top 9 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds That Support AptX Audio Quality

What is aptX?

AptX is one of the high-performing Bluetooth audio codecs, capable of transmitting 16-bit/44.1kHz audio. It has a compression ratio of 4:1 with a rate of 352kpbs. In other words, aptX can transfer sound from the phone, computer, receiver, etc., with a CD-like quality. 

As long as the audio source is CD quality or better, aptX will deliver brilliant audio to listeners. Also, aptX codec is structured to alleviate latency – that is, the amount of time needed to transfer audio to the ear. 

Although latency may not be a big deal while listening to music, if you are watching a video, high latency will be obvious. You may start experiencing audio delivery that doesn’t sync with the actor’s lips or actions. 

In fact, where latency is highly essential, the aptX LL (Low Latency) is strongly recommended. Summarily, aptX delivers better audio quality compared to most Bluetooth codecs. More so, it is compatible with almost every device that is capable of receiving or sending sound via Bluetooth.

AptX vs AAC

The aptX and AAC are two Bluetooth codecs that are designed to deliver better sound quality. Realistically, there is only a slight qualitative difference between aptX and AAC, most especially while listening to music.

However, while AAC is only popular on the Apple iTunes Platform and comes with Apple products, aptX works comfortably with several smartphones and other Bluetooth-connecting products

More so, it is worth noting that as an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad user, you may not be able to utilize the aptX codec as Apple does not work the aptX manufacturers.

While some may argue that AAC accounts for psychoacoustics, the aptX is a perfect choice for demanding audio applications, most notably given that it reduces latency in wireless connection. Also, even for iPhone users, Bluetooth featuring AAC cannot relish CD-quality audio as being delivered by the aptX codec. 

Additionally, compared to AAC, aptX comes in different forms, such as aptX, aptX LL, and the aptX HD. As long as an audio transmitter and the receiver possess aptX capability, the aptX codec is a more advisable option to settle for.

What’s different with earbuds that support AptX HD?

Compared to the aptX, the aptX HD is an improved version, featuring a compression ratio of 4:1 at a rate of 576kpbs. Also, it is capable of transmitting 24-bit/48kHz audio. All these figures imply that this codec can send higher quality audio without increasing the audio’s latency.

 With 24-bit 48KHz audio files, any listener will hardly hear background noise while the audio quality is top-notch. Also, compared to the aptX, the aptX HD possesses a better compression algorithm, which makes compression sounds fuzzy. 

Another significant difference (an advantage) is that aptX HD is capable of transmitting audio at 576kbps. This implies that more information (or data) can be streamed, or better still, a looser algorithm can be utilized. 

Considering the bigger bandwidth pipe, which the aptX HD features, there is little need for compression, which means the better sound quality will be delivered. Simply put, aptX HD is designed to offer a higher transmission quality and improved audio quality without injecting any latency. 

Finally, aptX HD Bluetooth chip users will not only enjoy CD-like sound quality but a wider frequency response and impressive ventilation.

Top 9 best wireless earbuds that support AptX

In this section, we’ll be discussing some Bluetooth headphones that feature the AptX codec. In the end, you can choose the most befitting product after considering the price. Kindly read along!

1.Xiaomi Earphone Wireless BT4.1 Headphone

On this list, the first product is the Earphone Wireless BT 4.1 headphone made by Xiaomi. This well-structured Bluetooth headphone is ideal for several music experiences, whether you are strolling out in the evening, playing golf, or heading to a business meeting.

It is designed with a 137mAh battery capacity, which offers 8hours of playtime. Also, it supports mobile phone call once it is connected. More so, buyers will find one USB cable in the package for charging.

Xiaomi Earphone Wireless BT4.1 Headphone Neck Halter Style AAC APTX Hands-free Calling



2.Lenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth

Aside from the aptX codec, this product supports HFP, AVRCP, and HSPLenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth is capable of 20M Bluetooth connection range. It features a 60mAh battery capacity and comes in a charging case of 800mAh

Also, the product delivers pure bass and surround sound. If you are concerned about not getting your Bluetooth damaged by water, then this product is for you; it is water-resistant. Furthermore, TWS Bluetooth offers noise-canceling quality and support SIRI voice function. Finally, it has a 200-hour standby time.

Lenovo HT10 TWS bluetooth waterproof super long standby wireless earphone



3.QCY M1 Pro Magnetic Switch Bluetooth

This QCY M1 Pro is a handy neckband Bluetooth suitable for mobile phones, monitor headphones, and iPod Sport headphones. This product is recommendable for audiophiles as it delivers surround sound.

 More so, it can be used during fitness training as it comes with Ear-hook, which ensures it remains fitted to the ear. On the device, users will find the volume control button. This model has a 20-20000Hz frequency range and a sensitivity value of 108±3dB.

QCY M1 Pro Magnetic Switch Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Sports IPX4 APTX Stereo Headset



4.OnePlus Bullets 2 Wireless Earphones

With this beautiful product, you will hardly ever get tired of listening to music. It is designed with a magnetic control that offers convenience. It has a warp charge; with ten minutes of charging, you can enjoy 10 hours of listening time. 

Also, this model delivers high-quality sound, whether you are listening to music or receiving a phone call. This is even enhanced with its noise cancellation technology that supports crystal clear audio quality. More so, users can easily switch between devices by double-pressing the bud. 

Furthermore, OnePlus Bullets 2 Earphones support Google's assistant on OnePlus device to provide updates on news, weather, reminders, among others. With the newly improved audio technology in the device, you will relish unique soft trebles and low bases. 

Also, a premium listening experience is guaranteed to listeners as it features two Knowles Balanced Armature and a ten-millimeter dynamic driver inside each earbud. Lastly, it is recommendable to audiophiles, for running, sporting, and gaming.

OnePlus Bullets 2 Wireless Earphones AptX Hybrid Magnetic Control Google Assistant



5.MEIZU HD60 aptX Headband Touch Control Bluetooth

Another aptX supported Bluetooth product is the MEIZU HD60 Headband Bluetooth. This product is durable, sturdy, and convenient to use. Users can easily use this device for a long period as it comes with earmuffs made of protein skin leather.

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with a touch-enabled control mechanism. With a single charge, it can run for about 25 hours as it features a 500mAh battery. Also, this product possesses dual-mode noise reduction technology to provide a noise-free audio experience to users.

More so, it delivers an immersive sound experience as it is Hi-Res certified and featuring 40mm bio-diaphragm high sounding unit. Lastly, this model supports a wired audio connection with its USB Type-C port.

MEIZU HD60 aptX Headband Touch Control Bluetooth Headset Hi-Res Over-ear Headphone with Dual Noise Reduction Mic



6.Whizzer B6 IPX7 Waterproof Upgrade Earphone

Here is a high-end Earphone from Whizzer. It is a smart Bluetooth headset featuring intelligent voice assistant and upper and lower split transmission. 

Also, it delivers graphene Hi-Fi sound quality. With a fingerprint touch, it is truly a wireless smart headset. Fitness trainers and athletes will appreciate it more as it waterproof and sweatproof.

This Whizzer B6 is designed with a battery capacity of 1000mAh, and it is capable of 6 to 8 hours playing time with just 1 hour 30 minutes of charging.

Whizzer B6 IPX7 Waterproof Upgrade Earphone Wireless Earbud



7.Doogee Dopods Beat Earphone

The Dopods Beat Earphone has an ergonomic design with an ear-shape that ensures the earbuds stay in place comfortably. This product is another water-resistant earbud, featuring SBC, AAC, APTX for audio decoding. It comes with a charging case battery worth 300mAh. 

This model has a working distance of 10 meters and working hours of 5 hours. More so, the Dopods features better call quality and noise cancellation property. Furthermore, it features an intelligent touch with a one-button operation

Each of the two earbuds can be used separately as it allows multiple Bluetooth paring modes. Finally, it is compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, among others.

Doogee Dopods Beat Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 TWS CVC 8.0 Earbuds with Qual comm QCC3020



8.HiFuture MoonWalker aptx Pro Sports Bluetooth Headset

This HiFuture MoonWalker aptx Pro headset is befitting for athletes as it features an ear-hook design. It comes with a 13.5mm dynamic speaker driver, which ensures better bass output is delivered. 

In each ear chamber, it has a 2X70mAh Li-ion Polymer battery that offers 12 hours of playing time to users. 

For those who love to stroll or run at night, this device will be handy as it comes with a safety light reflection cable. Additionally, it will be delivered with two extra ear tips and one micro USB charging cable.

HiFuture MoonWalker aptx Pro Sports Bluetooth Headset with Ear Hook with IPX6 Sweat and Water proof



9.T1 TWS Bluetooth Earphone

This model comes with an in-ear design and Modem function. It is convenient to use with its one-button property and highly sensitive response. With the noise-canceling feature, users will relish a great listening experience without noise. 

This T1 TWS features a stereo sound channel. More so, it is ideal for every user, most especially fitness trainers who are concerned about water.

T1 TWS Bluetooth Earphone Support AptX ACC Noise-Cancellation earbuds With Charging Case



A Price Comparison Table


Price (RRP)

Flash Sale Price

Xiaomi Earphone Wireless BT4.1 Headphone



Lenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth




QCY M1 Pro Magnetic Switch Bluetooth




OnePlus Bullets 2 Wireless Earphones




MEIZU HD60 aptX Headband Touch Control Bluetooth




Whizzer B6 IPX7 Waterproof Upgrade Earphone




Doogee Dopods Beat Earphone



HiFuture MoonWalker aptx Pro Sports Bluetooth Headset




T1 TWS Bluetooth Earphone





Hopefully, you now understand what it means to use Bluetooth earbuds that support aptX codecs. Regardless of your choice among the nine listed wireless Bluetooth earbuds in this piece, you are sure to get an immersive listening experience through high-quality audio delivery. Good luck!

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