Xiaomi Mijia 150PSI Smart Pump Review
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Xiaomi Mijia 150PSI Smart Pump Review

Is it a rugged version of the iPod Classic? No! It is a portable air pump compressor powered with the design and smart technology from Xiaomi Mijia! When I think of a typical air compressor I think off a big massive machine that makes a lot of noise, so even inflating a bicycle tire becomes a big chore. But the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pump is extremely portable. As each Xiaomi device, this products looks stunning and I can definitely assume it can pump up my football. But can it inflate the tires of my car? Let’s try this beautiful device!


Multifunction Smart Inflatable Bank for Safe and Driving and Convenient Life
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pump, which features a built-in 2000 mAh battery, tire pressure detection, pressure preset and various other functions, can fill up tires of balls, bicycles, motorbikes and even cars. It is easy to operate and it can save our energy to fill the devices up.

The main features of the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pump:

Portable electric inflatable bank, digital tire pressure detection, preset pressure to stop
High-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can easily pressurize to 150PSI, meet the inflation force required for road bikes, and also inflate common bicycle tires and various balls
Detect tire pressure at any time, respond to unexpected situations
Compatible with charging treasure charging, riding travel lightly
The small body takes into account the excellent heat dissipation, the shock pad to resolve the cylinder working vibration, the hand-held operation is more comfortable.
18650 power lithium battery, high power supply, excellent endurance
Comes with lighting, easy to use
Micro-USB charging interface, compatible with most smart phone charging lines
The specifications of the Xiaomi Air Compressor as can be found on Gearbest:

Material: alloy
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Battery model: 18650 Li-ion battery
Charging time: less than 3 hours


We know all about the Xiaomi product range, which contains a large number of smart products in various categories, from Smart Phones to Smart Fridges. But what can we expect from such small device? Would it be powerful enough to do the job?


The smart pump is shipped in a typical Xiami branded white retail box. Because of the Chinese text on the box it is clearly aimed at the Chinese market, but that won’t stop us from testing and using it. The weights and dimensions of the package and product are:

Product weight: 0.4300 kg
Package weight: 0.4800 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 12.40 x 7.10 x 4.53 cm / 4.88 x 2.8 x 1.78 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 15.00 x 10.00 x 6.00 cm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches

What’s in the box?
The Smart Pump comes in the retail branded box, with a nice protective pouch and a set of nipples.


Inflating a football (or soccer ball) was my first use case to test the air pump. Because the Xiaomi compressor is a really small and lightweight devices, I took it with me in my sport bag to soccer training. First, my teammates were making fun of me. This is because I am always the guy with new gadgets, and not all of these gadgets are equally useful. But after I inflated three soccer balls, they asked me where I bought it and how much it costs.

Then I used it to inflate the tires of my motor cycle. It switched the pump to Auto Mode and put the compressor to 2 Bar. It took two minutes to bring the tire up to pressure. Xiaomi claims that a full battery is good for 8 pumps. But that is from a completely flat tire to completely filled. It’s difficult for me to test that, because every tire is different. But I believe them.

Build Quality & Design

The air pump feels solid, and it’s not lightweight but still portable. It is really well designed, it looks like an old iPod Classic and it fits into your hands. The display is simple but effective. And it is rather intuitive: you don’t need the manual to use it right. The LED light on the top of the devices comes in hand when you use the device by night or just as a flashlight, this is really a useful additional feature.

On the upper side you find the pressure tube, which is to be inserted with its end into the red-marked hole in times when not in use. When inserted the devices goes into standby mode.

The circle of buttons can look a bit intimidating but are really simple: The left is for the light, the right button cycles through the different modes (Free-entry, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Auto or Football). You can toggle between bar and psi by a long press on this button. The top and bottom buttons can be used to adjust the desired pressure.

Heath and Noise

After using it for a longer time in a row I don’t feel any differences in the temperature of the compressor. I can’t measure the noise of this Xiaomi air compressor but I can tell you that it’s a much less than my big air pump compressor.

Xiaomi Mijia 150PSI Tire Inflator Air Pump Compressor Portable Digital Electric Inflatable Tool for Car Bike Ball Toy



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