[Pre-Order Saves $50]The Teclast F6 Plus with 360° Flip-and-fold, is the most worth buying and the most cost-effective laptop in 2019.
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[Pre-Order Saves $50]The Teclast F6 Plus with 360° Flip-and-fold, is the most worth buying and the most cost-effective laptop in 2019.

Teclast is a Chinese electronic gadget maker. Today, the brand of Teclast has been spread all over China and got one of the most notable IT and computerized brands. Teclast was established in 1999, a coordinated advanced brand which gives itself to Information Technology and shopper computerized items' innovative work, item structures and assembling, advertising deals and item benefits, it has progressively presented various types of customized items, for example, optical stockpiling gadgets, removable stockpiling gadgets, computerized players, tablets, eReaders, pc input hardware and webcams to the market. Until today. Teclast will prevail in the worldwide market sooner rather than later. The Teclast organization focuses on conveying, brilliant hardware items, to clients, utilizing to make enhancements for R&D focus.

Teclast F6 Plus’s Key Highlights

New PC of the productive China Teclast brand that this time shows a 13.3-inches display under the name of Teclast F6 Plus. A workstation that incorporates pivots with the versatility of 360º that encourage its transformation into a tablet or that can embrace numerous positions. They additionally feature its fair equipment set up with an Intel Gemini Lake processor that incorporates 8/256GB, its limited screen edges and its slim metal body. We assume that it will have increasingly more challenge in this particular range. The latest Teclast model comes with a lot of standout features but the following are a few key highlights of this gem of a gadget.

360° Degree Rotation

The new Teclast F6 Plus notepad has a thin bezel and a 13.3-inch FHD show with IPS innovation. The 1920 x 1080 goals convey great shading and rationality, breathing life into your photographs and recordings. The brand new F6 Plus notepad, which is outfitted with a 360 ° pivot and can be exchanged between six adaptable modes: tablet, workstation, stand, tent, PC and drawing mode that combines the ease-of-use of a touch tablet. It is convenient to use for both work and study.

Write on screen

Teclast F6 Plus comes with a prominent 10-point touch function. Other than the 10-point touch function, F6 Plus can likewise work with a stylus with the pressure sensor. You can observe regardless of what in office, shop or home. It is outfitted with a pen to play out the write on-screen work appropriately that has a backup of roughly 180 days which is a significant arrangement in its own specific manner. The pen looks rich with its metallic body which gives it a shiny contact. Alongside that, it can be easily replaced or refilled in case the ink runs out.

High-performance CPU smooth experience

The new F6 plus in addition to is fueled by 8th Generation Intel Gemini Lake processor with 14nm procedure and 2.4 GHz turbo frequency. It accomplishes roughly 30% operational execution improvement which is beneficial to pick up the most extreme CPU Performance. You will appreciate incredible execution in such a little design.

9th Generation UHD Graphics

This gadget is well outfitted with the incredible 9th Generation UHD Graphics 600 with a normal recurrence of 700 MHz that empowers the client to increase 35% improved data transmission and it is decoded at the pace of 4K/60fps. It is demonstrated to accomplish excellent outcomes regarding ground-breaking execution for Internet use, easygoing gaming, and photo editing activities.

Full HD screen-wide visual angle

The Teclast F6 Plus comes with a Full HD wide display with the dimension of 1920x1080 equipped with a 13.3 inch IPS wide visual angle. This angle is ideal for watching movies and playing games. Along with that, it assures the supreme user experience like no other.

Other Key Highlights

F6 Plus comes with a variety of multiple other features that are yet to be unfolded. 

Multiple Ports Functionality: 

Multiple ports in F6 Plus support full-featured Type-C port that is embedded for fast charging, video and audio files quick transfer on a higher level data transfer. It also has dual standard USB 3.0, Micro-HDMI can connect other devices effortlessly. 

Windows 10 OS: 

Windows is a perfect working framework for everyday use and it totally adjusts your approach to utilizing it regardless of whether you've one of a kind method for working or individual likings.

Long-lasting battery: 

F6, in addition, to convey as long as 7 hours blend utilization of battery life in which you can play out any task you like. Its Type-C port accomplishes fast charging usefulness, video and sound data transfer with the goal that makes it simpler to keep going for a longer period.


Teclast F6 Plus is ideally very appropriate for the study works, office work, and everyday use and ends up being a generally excellent PC that offers different one of kind details alongside a reasonable cost. The feature that makes it stand apart from the rest is its 360-degree rotation which is customizable at six distinct positions and gives an extraordinary client experience and not overlooking its numerous ports. We profoundly propose to get yourself this gem of a device and have a stunning client experience more than ever.

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Teclast F6 Plus 13.3 inch Laptop 360° Flip-and-fold Touch Screen Intel N4100 8GB / 256GB



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