Hey Guys, Do You Remember Your First Cellphone? Share Your Stories with Us!
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Hey Guys, Do You Remember Your First Cellphone? Share Your Stories with Us!

Last year, Apple announced that the iPhone 6 series would stop production and officially retire from history. Nowadays, new smartphones emerge one after another. But -

Do you still remember your first mobile phone

The first mobile phone I knew was Big Brother palm phone. It is bulky, large, and eye-catching, so you would feel proud while holding one. 

Folks who pursue slimness also want their mobile phones to lose weight, and the first flip mobile phone satisfies everyone's expectations. 

At that time, if you could own a Motorola 8900, you wouldn't leave it alone in your pocket. You might take out your phone consciously or unconsciously to read the time. The moment you open the lid, you would feel like under the spotlight. 

With the launch of NOKIA 6110, mobile phones have functions other than calling and watching time. The supplied games of Gluttonous Snake and Tetris became popular, and they are not out of date today. 

Followed by NOKIA 6110, the NOKIA 3210 ushered in the "flat head" era of mobile phones, hiding bulky antennas, making mobile phones look more concise and neat. 

Finally, Ericsson released the first 256-color color screen phone, T68. 

Other brands certainly do not want to be left behind. In 2000, Sharp launched the JmurSH04, the world's first mobile phone with a camera. Only with 110000 pixels, let alone the beauty mode. 

Nokia quickly caught up and launched NOKIA 7650. With a built-in camera, slide design, five-dimensional keyboard, 7650 is also the first Symbian smartphone. Even today, it is still fascinating for us. 

The vertical full keyboard design from BlackBerry is even more classic. BlackBerry 6230 is its first encrypted communications smartphone, and dignitaries have always loved BlackBerry for its excellent encryption performance. 

For all the Chinese, the first mobile phone is probably the same: it is an economical and practical PHS. 

With a low call charge of only 10 cents per minute, it is impossible not to become a popular style. People will attach different lanyards to their mobile phones. Appearance is one of the reasons, and it is also essential to be different from each other. 

And the Xiaomi, insisting on the cost performance, might be the first mobile phone for many of you, right? 

In those days, the screen of mobile phones was often small, but the design of mobile phones always brought forth the new. They have their characteristics, leaving a lot of memories so that we still have a special feeling as a historical witness. 

Today, mobile phones are all going on a large screen and a full screen. Not means that it is terrible, but it does have some inconvenience in hand, which makes me miss the small screen of the past cellphones from time to time. 

If you have the same feeling as I do, maybe you can come to recall your memory. 

So, which phone do you miss the most? Or which phone do you think is the best you have ever used? 

Kindly leave a comment to share the story about your first mobile phone or the phone you miss most, and you might meet a kindred spirit here.

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