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Alex P.
View More A worthwhile thing if you need to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal in an apartment or office. The home is more suitable in the form of a USB-dongle, and this one is for the office at the expense of antennas and a larger radius.

Configured in the same way as USB-dongle. In the settings, it is better to enable roaming mode because the device connected to the amplifier will automatically be connected without breaking the connection.

Delivery to St. Petersburg took a month by Azerbaijan Post (without a track). Packed as always budgetary in consequence of which the box was a little wrinkled, the contents were not affected. But in the case of a gift box crumpled ashamed to give.

If a review or photo/video was useful - like)

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Xiaomi Pro 300M 2.4GHZ WiFi Amplifier with 2 Antenna

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