Reducing 10 Deg.C in 3 Seconds, The Icy Mist Fan Is a Life-saver for Summer Without Central Air-conditioning.
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Reducing 10 Deg.C in 3 Seconds, The Icy Mist Fan Is a Life-saver for Summer Without Central Air-conditioning.

To prevent coronavirus spreading, most companies keep the central air-conditioning closed but the windows open for better ventilation. However, this measure leads to sultry heat in the workplace, which is intolerable for nearly everyone. Wearing a face mask, one might feel muggy and dehydrated as the sweat drips down ceaselessly. It's like a torment. Apart from the discomfort, most people also suffer from skin diseases arising from faces covered by face masks for too long every day. The coronavirus wreaks havoc to all, lowering working efficiency, depriving us of comfort and good appearance.

The vaccine takes years to develop and the widespread testing seems impossible. Continuing working in such tough conditions in the hot summer is horrible. How can you adapt?

Most people put a mini USB fan on their desktop, which slightly improves the condition. A humidifier in addition to the fan will be better. However, such a combination may only reduce the temperature by 3 to 4 Deg.C. The cooling effect is far from satisfying, incomparable with that of the central air-conditioning. This explains the popularity of the icy mist fan which lowers the temperature by 10 Deg.C in merely 3 seconds with a considerable amount of icy mist.

We're introducing to you Nesugar R012 Ice Cube Desktop Water Cooling Fan, which stands out in the competition.

Nesugar R012 Ice Cube Desktop Water Cooling Fan Summer Portable Mini Cooler USB Humidifying Misting Spray Fan



Icy Coolness - 10 Deg.C Lower in 3 Seconds

By adding water to Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Cooling Fan, you can enjoy both the strong wind and a large amount of nano-mist (the finest mist), which can instantly be absorbed by the skin, reducing the temperature by 6 Deg.C. To achieve the ideal cooling effect, adding some ice cubes into it suffices, and you can find out that the temperature drops down by 10 Deg.C.

The exceptional cooling effect is owed to the aircraft-grade turbine fan, the axial air duct, and the ultrasonic atomization technology which can be found in premium humidifiers. Compared with the water wind from normal water-cooling fans, the wind generated by Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Fan can reach as far as 6.5 meters. More impressively, the former can reduce the temperature by 4 Deg.C; whereas, the latter breaks the limit and achieves the amazing coolness, 10 Deg.C lower temperature in just 3 seconds.

180ml Water Tank for 4 Hours Long Lasting Coolness

Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Cooling Fan spreads the ultra-fine mist with nano water drops into the air. Only by placing your hand near the air outlet for a while can you feel them. They disappear in the air immediately, effectively improving the humidity within the range of up to 12 square meters. Also, thanks to the ultrasonic atomization, the fully filled 180ml water tank guarantees the desired cooling effect for 4 hours for more convenience in the workplace. 

Adjustable Wind Strength & Direction Apart from Widespread Coolness

Three different levels of wind strength are available for you to choose from. What’s more, the direction of the wind is 30-degree adjustable. It means that the refreshing wind can blow against your face even though your desk is at a much lower position. Or, the wind can reach you after you collapse in the armchair when you’re taking a nap at noon.

Large Air Inlets & Bacteria-free Humidification

The unique axial air duct design consists of air inlets of the back, bottom, left and right side, which is the fundamental factor for the generation of the 10m/s high-speed wind. Meanwhile, the aircraft-grade turbine fan, which boasts a large sectional area and blades tilted at the ideal angle for the minimal air drag. 

More importantly, different from the traditional water screen design, the separate design adopted by Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Cooling Fan prevents the stagnation and reproduction of bacteria according to the lab test.

Excellent Workmanship & Meticulous Design for Other Considerations

When Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Cooling Fan is working, the noise is as low as 20dB, which can be totally ignored. This is because the maglev motor ensures both the swift revolution and the ultra-low friction. It means that Nesugar R012 works silently.

What’s more, for safety reasons, double sensors are integrated to cut off power in time as soon as the water runs out; the two-layer grid prevents babies from touching the high-speed fan. Additionally, the air outlet is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is anti-rust, for worry-free use. Last but not least, Nesugar R012 is USB rechargeable, which means that you can enjoy the refreshing coolness wherever you are.


All things considered, Nesugar R012 Icy Mist Cooling Fan is by far the best choice among all cooling fans in the market. It is the perfect solution to the summer heat without central air-conditioning in the workplace.

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Nesugar R012 Ice Cube Desktop Water Cooling Fan Summer Portable Mini Cooler USB Humidifying Misting Spray Fan



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