Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Launched
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Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Launched

Huawei has recently launched Honor CLEA1 suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner. The crowdfunding price was around $200. According to the official introduction, this product will be suitable for a variety of life cleaning scenarios.

Honor CLEA1 Design:

Moreover, Honor CLEA1 body also adopts a lightweight design, that is, even female users can easily use it. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a visual screen display function, which can display the remaining power and suction gear and other data on the screen. At the same time, it can also remind users when to replace the filter element. From this point of view, it is still quite user-friendly.

Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Features:

Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a brushless motor of 100,000 rpm, and has a super suction power of 125W, which makes the vacuum cleaner reach a vacuum of 24KPa. The tornado effect disperses dust and air to prevent the clogging of the filter element.

The Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is even equipped with a four-layer sterilization protection system, including ion antibacterial air duct, silver ion antibacterial roller brush, ion antibacterial water tank and antibacterial rear filter element, which can achieve a sterilization rate of nearly 99.99%, and this In addition to being a vacuum cleaner, the device can also be used as a mopping machine. The combination of magnetic suction wet mop components can achieve the effect of drag and use.


In terms of endurance, the 63Wh battery equipped in the Honor CLEA1 fuselage, combined with high energy efficiency and advanced BMS battery management technology, the official also announced that it can reach 65 minutes of endurance in standard mode, and it can also be under the premise of enhanced gear. It runs for 30 minutes, and the powerful gear can run for 10 minutes.

In addition, many suction heads will be randomly included to meet the cleaning needs in various scenarios. The crowdfunding price of Honor CLEA1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner  is $250. I believe that such a wireless vacuum cleaner product can bring Excellent user experience, this product will be fully analyzed and introduced in the follow-up reports.

Honor CLEA1 Wireless Cleaner Where to buy?

Currently its only available in Chinese Market. We will update the space as soon it will available Globally.
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