Xiaomi Fimi Palm Handheld Gimbal Camera Pocket Review

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Handheld Gimbal Camera Pocket Review

The Xiaomi FIMI PALM Gimbal Camera that combines camera and gimbal into one compact unit, Where the camera can be moved at will, but the target will always be fixed on the horizon, jolts and involuntary movements will be depreciated and canceled by the action of Gimbal. It equips the latest generation ISP algorithm chip and 128-degree super wide-angle lens, anti-shake shoot, inbuilt Bluetooth and WIFI, and integrated touch screen display and a five-way joystick are designed to make the operation and control of the mini gimbal particularly easy and comfortable

Design Fimi Palm:

the FIMI PALM 4K UHD Handheld Camera receives a portable and lightweight physique It comes only in color black glossy skin. On the front side, it features an LED touchscreen, 5-way joystick, a power/shutter button along with a camera on the top.

the 4K camera looks ergonomic and easy to handle with only 120g of weight and 3.05×2.27×12.70 cm. It holds well in hand and is easy to use and has a three-axis stabilizer on which the camera is located. It has an ultra-wide 128 ° lens.

FIMI PALM has a built-in touch screen with a diagonal of 1.22 inches. It has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and a brightness of 600 nits for a clear and sharp visuality. The whole device can be controlled by the five-way button and the shutter-release button.

Camera Fimi Palm:

In terms of video, Fimi Palm is equipped with a 12MP Sony sensor capable of recording 4K UHD, The camera can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second. Created photos have a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

Using the integrated ISP algorithm chip, you will encounter more details through 4K UHD 100Mbps images.
And the camera also provides an ultra-wide shoot with up to 128-degree angle. Hence, it allows users to capture a bigger world with the best angle of human vision.

Further, you will get creative frames, motion-lapse, time-lapse, super HDR, night shooting, Panorama, 8x slow motion, HEVC coding, and some other camera features.

Control Features:

You will get a 5-way joystick on the front side to integrate common control features for seamless and easy performance. Users can use the joystick in various ways like one press, long press, push up/down/left/right, etc.

3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal:

On the top, the camera FIMI Palm has a 3-axis mechanical gimbal circuit Including high-precision sensors along with a fully-closed loop system and LOS stabilization. that delivers mechanical stabilization to produce stable videos with fascinating quality It installs 3 motors to stabilize the camera head. The camera will shake at will and focusing on the target throughout the process Ultimately, it captures shake-free and stable quality videos.

Users will also enjoy 4 gimbal modes to help you create the most perfect shots and videos:

- Intelligent tracking – PALM can automatically detect and track human faces. PALM can keep it in the center of the image by clicking on any object.
- Story Mode – The app provides not only a number of one-touch templates and capture patterns but also default transition effects and background music
- shooting modes – PALM helps film different perspectives in Pitch Lock, FPV, Follow and All Locked Mode
- Various shooting functions – timelapse, motion lapse, hyper-lapse, super HDR; professional AE / AW algorithms, long exposure, night mode, panorama, 8x slow motion, 3x stabilized zoom, HEVC coding and many more.

Various shooting functions:

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Handheld Gimbal Camera Pocket Review
Super HDR
Revamped AE/AW algorithm makes your shorts look amazing with HDR
Long Underexposed
Assisted by the 3-axis gimbal you can hold the PALM to take a long-exposure picture steadily and confidently
Night shot
Powered by HiSilicon professional AI algorithm. Noise reduced and vivid details preserved.
Nights captured by PALM are more beautiful
8x slow motion
FIMI PALM records up to 8 x slow motion to capture each epic moment.
3x stabilized zoom
Zoom out for a wider view. You can use the 5-way joystick to zoom in and out.
Mark and edits
Tap the 5-joystick to mark those blissful moments while shooting.
Which is convenient for post-editing
The PALM can automatically take multiple photos and combine them with a single panorama.
HEVC same quality Less storage
Allow conversing coding format between h.265 and h.264.
In h.265, you can have a high-quality video with less storage

Fimi Palm Camera Connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, Using WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology, FIMI PALM can be paired with a mobile phone or other devices. This allows you to track the real-time activity on an external device, as well as move or edit created files. It will serve you with wireless transmission and editing tools to alter the footage on the phone, and allows device control even without a smartphone.

A 3.5 mm jack input is also integrated, allowing an external microphone to be connected to the PALM and has inbuilt dual MIC.

With USB Type-C connector can also be used to charge captured files. The standard FIMI PALM thread allows you to attach various accessories, including an extension rod and tripod. All this makes FIMI PALM an excellent device for vlogging or the ideal travel companion.


the PALM 4K handheld camera boasts a 1000 mAh very large rechargeable battery. On a single charge, it will assist you with up to 240 minutes of 1080p/30fps video recording, It is recharged via Type-C port. Because of the HiSilicon SoC support and excellent power management, it reduces the power consumption to a great degree, So the battery it fulfills your daily filming needs and delivers stunning results.

Features Fimi Palm

- Portability: The 30.5 x 22.7 x 127.0mm body only weighs 120g. The lightweight, compact design renders the PALM highly portable and lets you film on the go.
- 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer: Made remarkably stable and smooth, your footage is lossless and shake free.
- 128° Ultra Wide-angle Lens: The PALM perfectly fits the best angle of human vision.
- 4K UHD 100Mbps Image: Combined with the latest generation ISP algorithm chip from HiSilicon, the PALM uncovers more details that you could have missed.
- 240-minute Battery Life: The PALM adopts professional Hisilicon SoC and a large-capacity lithium battery that has superior power management capability. With a USB-C port, it fulfills your daily filming needs and delivers stunning results.
- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: The PALM can be connected to your smartphone via the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. During shooting, remote control and transmission allow for easy preview and smarter gimbal camera control. You can also download relevant materials wirelessly to your phone and edit footage on the app.
- Smart Tracking: The PALM is able to recognize human faces automatically and follows. Or, you can tap on a subject on the touchscreen to keep it in the center of the picture.
- Story Mode: The app provides not only a variety of one-tap templates and shooting patterns but also preset transition effects and background music. You can easily transform your footage into a cinematic video.
- Built-in Dual Mic & Microphone Port: With the base, you can directly connect a 3.5mm high-quality mic to the PALM. You are provided with more possibilities for external audio recording.
- Integrated 5-way Joystick: It is easy to operate and control the PALM.
- 4 Shooting Modes: From a magnificent landscape to figures, the PALM helps you film from different perspectives: Pitch Lock Mode, FPV Mode, Follow Mode, and All Locked Mode.
- Multiple Features: Creative frames; timelapse, motion lapse, hyper-lapse; super hdr; professional AE/AW algorithms brighten pictures with distinct colors; long exposure; night shot; panorama; 8x slow-motion; 3x stabilized zoom; mark and edit; HEVC coding for excellent picture quality and less space taken.
- 240 x 240 resolution; 1.22 inch; 600-nit brightness screen.

Specifications Fimi Palm

Materials: ABS
FPV Equipments: Gimbal
Functions: Video
Lens: 128° super wide-angle
Control Accuracy: ±0.02°
Controllable Range: -240°~ 60°(Panning) / ±90°(Tilting) / ±45°(Rolling)
3-axis gimbal with 4K camera
Weight: 120 grams
Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi
camera field of view: 128°
Resolution max.: 4K and 30 fps
Operating time: 240 min (FHD at 30 fps)
Video bit rate: 100 Mbps
Operation: Five-way joystick and app
with integrated touch screen (1.22 inch)
Story Mode and four gimbal modes
Battery capacity: 1,000 mAh
Battery Life: 240mins (1080P/30fps video recording time)
Dimensions: 127 x 30.5 x 22.7 millimetres

Package Included

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal Camera Stabilizer
USB-C Cable
English Manual
Gimbal Cover


In the verdict of the FIMI Palm camera review, we can term the equipment as an excellent video shooting tool at an unbeatable price. it turns on in only 3 seconds. The built-in touchscreen and the 5-way joystick allow you to flexibly control the gimbal as well as the integrated camera. You will not need extra tools to film like a pro.

FIMI PALM 3-Axis 4K HD Handheld Gimbal Camera Pocket Stabilizer 128° Super Wide Angle Anti-shake Shoot Smart Track Built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth Remote Control ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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