How To Choose Your First IP Security Camera? Alfawise N816 VS Xiaomi VS Gocomma Lilliput-001
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How To Choose Your First IP Security Camera? Alfawise N816 VS Xiaomi VS Gocomma Lilliput-001

When working outside, do you worry that your children who stay alone at home absorb themselves in playing instead of studying?

When hanging out or traveling, are you worried about theft or burglary?

With a naughty pet alone at home, are you worried that it might "destroy" everything?

There is no doubt that a reliable home security product is the right choice.

Next, I will introduce this Alfawise N816 IP camera to you.

A. 1080P video, 2MP HD sensor for taking clear pictures smoothly;

B. Advanced PIR sensor to detect human body, effectively avoid any false alarm;

C. The most advanced H.265 video encoding reduces file sizes by 50%;

D. Intelligent tracking function;

E. Smart lookout points & monitoring; 

F. Cloud storage, infrared night vision, two-way voice calls, inverted installation are supported.

Lovely shape

The overall appearance of the Alfawise N816 is adorable.

It contains a 1080P high-definition camera on the head. The 2MP picture is very clear, the video is smooth, and the details are delicate.

Photo taken by the camera▼

The back of the head is an SD card slot that supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Next to the card slot is the RESET hole. By pressing and holding it, you can initialize the camera.

On the right side of its head is a HiFi microphone which looks like a circular hole. The sound is clear and loud during the conversation.

Without any button on the whole body, the camera looks simple and high-end. 

Alfawise N816 supports 355° horizontal panorama and 90° vertical viewing angle.

With the inserted slip ring and seamless structure, the camera can rotate smoothly via App remote control.

Easy to use

The Alfawise N816 can be installed upright or upside down, ensuring every angle or every direction you want to monitor can appear in sight.

Upright ▼

Upside down ▼

Use the exclusive app, and you can establish a connection in only three steps.

The first time you use it, on the interface, there will be tips about the operation, which is user-friendly.

Full-featured, wonderful in all aspects

Here are some of the features of the Alfawise N816:

AI humanoid detection:

The Alfawise N816 has an extraordinary AI identification capability to achieve Face ID (identifying strangers).

That is to say, when an object or object moves in the picture, N816 will automatically ignore it, "Oh, it is harmless to the owner. No need to give an alarm."

When a stranger lingers nearby, N816 will automatically detect and identify them. Then, it will take a photo, and notify you via the APP. Meanwhile, it can give an alarm to scare away the person.

Therefore, you won't miss anything abnormal at home.

Infrared night vision:

Most of the home cameras on the market only have two infrared lights. In a dimly lit environment, the picture is fuzzy. Let alone in the pitch dark - nothing can be captured.

Alfawise N816 features six infrared lights which can monitor up to 15 meters away, ensuring the excellent night vision performance.

Monitor your baby's sleep and safety at night▼

See what the cat is doing at night▼

Smart lookout points & monitoring

You can set up 3 lookout points for Alfawise N816 so that it will keep an eye on these points continually.

For example, to prevent burglary, you can set the door, window, and safe as the lookout points, and the camera will rotate to monitor the preset range.

Moreover, N816 will remain in the preset position after tracking, helping you take care of the critical places and directions. In this way, you won't have the problem of the security area and privacy area, either.

Different storage methods:

Alfawise N816 supports the latest H.265 video encoding, which makes files 50% smaller than H.264. Thus, video transmission will also be smoother.

It supports both local TF card storage and cloud storage. With a 128G memory card, the camera can record continuously for about 30 days, satisfying daily use.

Two-way voice calls & 5 people online:

The Alfawise N816 also supports two-way voice call, which enables real-time communication with the person in front of the camera.

If there are thieves, you can scare off the thieves. When you are out, you can communicate with your pets so that they don't feel lonely; or you can receive the express parcel in real-time.

With Alfawise N816, 5 users can access the real-time video of the same camera online simultaneously. It means that you can share the image with your family.

That's all about the features.

Here is a comparison among Alfawise N816 VS Xiaomi Mijia VS Gocomma Lilliput-001 for your reference. Check it out, and you'll be clearer about the advantages of Alfawise N816.

Summing up

Alfawise N816 is a competent home security camera with:

1080P HD resolution; various AI detection functions with lookout point settings to record any abnormal situation in real-time; 6 infrared lights, 15m ultra-clear night vision; 355° horizontal rotation, 90° vertical viewing angle, and so on.

Only at $31.99, the camera is worth every penny.

If you're planning to buy home security products, this camera is indeed an excellent choice.

Alfawise N816 AI Humanoid Detection 1080P WiFi IP Camera Smart Home Security with H.265 Video Encoding



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