Creality LD002r Features: Should We Wait for This New Upcoming 3D Printer?
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Creality LD002r Features: Should We Wait for This New Upcoming 3D Printer?

Creality, Founded in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing additive manufacturing equipment, solution, and service. 

Driven by the overwhelming popularity of Creality desktop 3D printers, the company grew rapidly from a four-man workshop to a large organization with a strength of more than 550 dedicated employees. 

With the headquarter in Shenzhen, Creality 3D also established domestic offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Huizhou, overseas offices in Belgium and Europe, while several overseas branches are under construction. 

Now, Creality is the leading brand of rapid prototyping devices worldwide.

3D printing (also called additive manufacturing), involves making three dimensional solid objects from digital files. 3D printing enables you to produce complex shapes using less material than subtractive manufacturing methods. 

The first 3D Printer (CR-3) from Creality was released in 2014 and it has been one success story after another ever since.

Some of the most groundbreaking products include the Ender Series like Ender-3 V-slot Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Kit 220 x 220 x 250mm Printing Size, and the Ender-3 pro-High Precision 3D Printer. 

The CR Series such as the CR - 10 Accurate Large Size Desktop DIY 3D Printer, CR - 10 Max 450 x 450 x 470mm 3D Printer and the CR10S Pro Auto Leveling Touch Screen Capricorn PTFE Bondtech Extruder Gears. But something else is coming, and it is big!

The Creality LD-002r 3D printer

The Creality LD-002r 3D printer is a desktop photopolymer printer based on the vat polymerization which has a polymer resin (a liquid at room temperature) container that is hardened by Ultraviolet (UV) light. 

After curing (solidification), a uniform layer is formed, allowing you to create high-quality three-dimensional prints. 

This sophisticated printing technology allows you to produce models with an accuracy of 10 microns (also known as print resolution or layer height, a micron is equal to one-millionth of a meter).

In addition to this printing technology, the Creality DLP LD-002r has emerged as one of the most appealing options on the market when it comes to price. 

Creality has a reputation for building affordable and reliable printers like the Creality Ender-3 and CR-10 series. When we talk of affordability, the Creality LD-002r is no exception as it is more affordable than the previous version LD-002 despite having significant upgrades.

Features of the Creality LD-002r 3D printer

●3.5-inch color LCD display: The Creality LD-002r 3D printer comes with a 3.5-inch colorful screen from which printing data can be reviewed in real-time. It also enables you to search, edit or delete the printing files. 

In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent feature that can automatically pause proceedings if models are abnormally printed thereby ensuring zero wastage of materials.

●Anti-Aliasing Effect: Anti-aliasing is a feature in digital signal processing used for minimizing distortion artifacts (aliasing) when producing a high-resolution image at a lower resolution.

Creality LD002r with the aid of high precision print screen, STL files are further processed with gray compensation, delivering smooth print surface without ripples.

●High-Resolution Printing: For higher printing accuracy and stability, the Creality LD002r produces excellent detailing with the finest surfaces which are made possible by Precision engineering. 

It offers micron-level precision printing, irrespective of the complexity of the model, which is five times faster and requires only one molding.

●Design: The Creality LD-002r 3D printer sports an amazing design for such an affordable price and rates very high in this department when compared with others in its class. 

The base plate and resin cylinder, for instance, are made of machined aluminum, while the printer’s shell is made completely from metal sheets.

●Ultra-Strong carbon filtration system which effectively reduces odor during printing.

●Its precision transmission system further improves the stability of the system.

●Optical Wi-Fi online module to induces a smart and connected experience.

●Innovative light source design by uniformly irradiating light source resulting in higher printing accuracy.

●Side windows allow for convenient maintenance and installation thereby increasing user experience.

●Upgrade to Creality VI version of user interface improves human-computer interaction and support for more languages.

With all these features highlighted, it is clear that the Creality LD-002r 3D printer is an innovative way of moving additive manufacturing to the next stage and it is totally worth the wait. 

The upcoming Creality LD-002r will have everything you want from a 3D printer, most notably the 3.5-inch interactive display that is simple and straightforward. 

All features enriched with the Creality LD-002r 3D printer are targeted towards improving the quality of production while dishing an unbeatable user experience.

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