LG Announced Classic Fold Phone And Shows Us Their New Beast Velvet Phone

LG Announced Classic Fold Phone And Shows Us Their New Beast Velvet Phone

New LG Phones !!

While we mostly look forward to getting more details about the upcoming LG Velvet phone, LG surprised us by announcing a new clamshell phone called LG Folder 2. This phone is aimed at people on a budget and those who prefer an easy-to-use phone.

The new LG Folder 2 includes Snapdragon 210 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, as well as two screens, one primary 2.8-inch and a secondary 0.9-inch used to display notifications related to text messages and calls.

The foldable phone comes with an auxiliary button and quick launch buttons. The first is located in the back alongside the main 2-megapixel camera and allows you to quickly call a pre-registered number by pressing it three times within 1.5 seconds. Also share your location with the number through a text message.

On the other hand, the Quick Launch button is located on the front above the call button and allows you to call the digital assistant or turn on the call recording feature. However, this depends on the availability of these features with your operator. Apart from that, the new LG Folder 2 also comes with a 1470mAh battery, it weighs 127 grams and also supports Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G.

Overall, the LG Folder 2 will be on sale in South Korea, starting April 17th, for the equivalent of $ 160. And yet, we still do not know whether or not this phone will make its way to global markets.

And on the other hand we have another phone will be announced in next several weeks which is LG Velvet, and after  LG announced the new LG Velvet Series, without actually telling us which phones will be part of this lineup. Exactly seven days later, the South Korean company decided to continue its teaser and revealed the official design of the LG Velvet phone along with information stating that this phone will use the Snapdragon 765G processor.

The LG Velvet phone will have three cameras on the back, but given the lens sizes, it's possible that we will get one main camera and two secondary cameras so that one of them can be dedicated to blurry background images and the other to a macro camera or something like that.

The video published by LG today also assures us that the LG Velvet will be available in at least four different colors, including green, black, white and orange tinted for purple. The LG Velvet will have curved edges on both the front and back for a perfect grip, but the screen appears in this video with small bits in the upper middle section that has the front camera.

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