Not a Big Deal for Boys to Take a House Apart, at Least It Would Be Better Than to Break Up with Their Beloved Girls, Right?

Fussy Cathy

As we know, digital gadgets and tools are attractive to men, as lipsticks and bags are attractive to women. 

If you are a straight, shut-in science geek (I don't mean to offend the gays here), maybe you can get along without hammers, pliers, and wrenches, but you MUST HAVE a screwdriver! 

A screwdriver should satisfy a boy's desire to disassemble the machine by hand, and it should also be easy to operate even when we are tired. It should be not only small and delicate but also powerful enough with a variety of functions.

You might say that there is no such perfect thing. However, my bro, you know nothing is impossible for me. The Lord Almighty is me lol! 

Here comes my top pick for you - Xiaomi Wowstick Mini Electric Screwdriver

As you can see from the packaging, this toolbox is different! It looks mini, but has all you want! 

The screwdriver looks and feels like a pen very much, very comfortable and distinctive in hand. 

It's made of all-aluminum anodizing materials. Whatever its luster, touch, or the key design exudes the minimalist style that a science geek boy desires. 

The provided bits are also awesome! Incredible! There are 56 kinds of screw bits

The Wowstick screwdriver is suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as the daily maintenance, or professional maintenance of precision instruments. You could always find the one you need! 

Maybe its high-grade appearance makes you feel it out of reach, but its operation is very in line with the public IQ (Yep, trust me, even a 5-year-old boy can do it).

Just one click to start, the speed can reach 200 rpm! This efficient electric screwdriver wins those manual screwdrivers and clunky electric screwdrivers hands down! 

With such a simple operation and manual-auto-integrated double modes, you can easily solve a problem in your daily life and make girls say, ”Wow! How did you do that?” What a deal! You make your hands-on dream come true and win girls' hearts at the same time!

It has a 0.15N.m electric torque basically, and when the screw is too tight, it will sway and increase the force gradually (up to 3N.m)

And you may ask, why not design it with a larger electric torque? 

Oh, my bro, you should know it is to deal with precision instruments! 

Emm, what do I mean? 

The large torque might easily destroy the screws, so why take the risk to scrap the things that are ready to be repaired? 

Unless you want to buy a new one instead of repairing it (lol am I taking the words out of your mouth?)

Some of you guys may have noticed that this screwdriver also has the lighting function. Yep, you read that correctly!

The 3 LED lights are designed for all-around lighting, and they will be switched on at the same time as the screwdriver. Therefore, there is no pressure on dealing with the deep-hole screws!

Moreover, in addition to mobile phone accessories for the convenient disassembly, such as suckers, pry pieces, my favorite is the magnetic positioning plate

With it, I'm no longer worried that the small bits and screws might be lost. It can be said that it is really good news for careless and sloppy people

Finally, here comes the charging question that we are concerned about. It takes only 40 minutes for us to charge the Xiaomi Wowstick electric screwdriver to full of juice! 

And it has an ultra-long standby life to last for 180 days! If used every day, this electric screwdriver also works well to hold on for 10 to 30 days! 

Still, worry about that it's hard to find a repair shop when your cell phones and computers are out of service all of a sudden?

Do it yourself and get what you want! 

Of course, you only have to carry a set of bits and a screwdriver in this magnetic storage box. It's very convenient to take with you! 

In sum, whether you want to help a trouble-making child disassemble a model toy, fix a camera for a colleague, or repair a computer for a hot girl, you can make it happen that easy with Xiaomi Wowstick electric screwdriver. 

Unbelievable! Turning into a high-tech expert is easy in just several minutes! 

WOW!!! Look at you, what an awesome guy! I'd give you thousands of claps if I could.

Joking apart, Xiaomi Wowstick electric screwdriver kit is such a good-looking, lightweight and multipurpose tool, you DIYer boys why not keep one set at home? 

"Oh, come on, it's not a big deal for boys to take a house apart, at least it would be better than breaking up with your beloved girls, right?"

Wowstick 1F Electric Lithium Screwdriver



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