Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator is Useful For People With These 5 Dental Problems.
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Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator is Useful For People With These 5 Dental Problems.

The Effect of the Oral Irrigator

An oral irrigator is an important device that can be used to clean any teeth completely. When this device is used properly, it can be used to remove any food particles that are trapped between your teeth. It works by using a water pressure of 40 – 90 PSI, to remove bacteria, plaque, and any other unwanted materials from your teeth.

It can replace the function of the dental floss in any hidden areas around your teeth. This device is very ideal to be used for cleaning around braces, dental bridges, and crowns. You can feel fresh and clean after using this tool regularly. Although this tool is suitable for most ordinary people, some people with certain problems will gain more by using this tooth flushing device.

People with These 5 Oral Problems Should Use Oral Irrigator:

Teeth are not in order

People with teeth that are not in order will have difficulties in brushing their teeth. These misaligned teeth will hide any food residue easily. They need to consider using the oral irrigator or teeth flusher as an additional tool for brushing their teeth. Any food residues left around the teeth have nowhere to hide. It is very easy to clean misaligned teeth by using this type of oral irrigator.

Orthodontic patients

Some people may need to wear any teeth devices, such as brackets or other accessories for improving their teeth' appearance. However, these devices may cause some negative impacts on the teeth. When they are used excessively, they are going to make a smooth tooth surface start becoming uneven.

Any of these uneven bumps on the teeth can increase the difficulty of the teeth brushing procedure. These areas will accumulate food residue, especially when they are left on your teeth. The combination of the flushing and brushing can maintain oral hygiene effectively, especially during the orthodontic treatment. An oral irrigator can be used as the best tool for cleaning these hidden areas on the teeth surface.

Dental implant restoration patients

A dental implant is one of the most common procedures that can be used to improve the overall teeth appearance. However, some implants may be susceptible to gum inflammation. People wearing dental implants need to take care of their teeth and gums around these dental implants. They can use dental flusher or oral irrigator for cleaning any tissues around these implants. When this tool is used regularly, it can be used to prevent peri-implant inflammation issues.

Periodontal disease patients

Good oral hygiene procedure is proven to be very effective to support the success of periodontal issue treatment. Any periodontal disease patients should consider using a combination of teeth flushing and brushing for cleaning their teeth completely. A good flushing device can be used to reduce the bleeding and gum index around their teeth. It can be a perfect cleaning tool during the periodontal maintenance procedure.

The elderly

Elderly people usually have a lot of serious oral health issues, for example, teeth loss, periodontal diseases, etc. They may wear dentures around their oral cavity. Any parts of these dentures (for example clasps and interproximal hooks) may accumulate food residue. When this situation occurs, it will lead to tooth decay. Therefore, elderly people should consider using flusher as an additional tool for them. This type of oral irrigator is very effective to remove any food residue and bacteria from any hidden areas around the teeth.

Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator

After you know all the benefits of the oral irrigator, you may want to know which tool can be the best device for you. Some recommended teeth devices are available on the market today. One of the most popular oral irrigators that you can use is the Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator. Before you decide to buy this incredible tool, you can take a look at all features, pros, and cons of this device.


Innovative aerobic flushing technique

This one of the most important features that can be found in this device. It has an innovative aerodynamic technology that will incorporate a lot of oxygen. It will add more oxygen compared to the regular pure water flushing procedure. You will enjoy fresh breath after using this tool device every day.

APP personalized settings with 9 intensity levels

You can connect this oral irrigator with your smartphone by using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It allows you to personalize any settings in this tool. You can set up the intensity levels with professional adjustment easily from your smartphone. The body of this Oclean W1 oral irrigator comes with 3 levels of strength. Some other intensity levels can be adjusted on the Oclean APP.

Flexible nozzle

This oral irrigator comes with a 45' angle radian nozzle with completely rotatable. It is specially designed to concentrate the water volume, to make this nozzle to become very powerful for cleaning your teeth. This feature is very useful to help you clean all parts of your teeth completely. It can be used to target any dead spots that are available inside your mouth.

Long-lasting battery

This is another popular benefit that you can get from this Oclean W1 oral irrigator. When the battery is fully charged, it will last for up to 30 days. It is very easy for you to charge the battery of this device at home or travel. Its 3 hours magnetic fast charge system allows you to fully charge this tool quickly.


The nozzle needs to be replaced regularly

You need to have a regular replacement of the nozzle from this device. It is not a permanent nozzle that will last forever. However, this should never have to be a big deal for you. This design is specially created for this tool, so you can maintain the hygiene and cleaning effect from this tool. This type of nozzle is widely available on the market now. You can always buy this nozzle at any time you want.


Oclean W1 oral irrigator can be a perfect device for you who want to clean and flush your teeth quickly. You can use it with your favorite mouthwash for sterilizing your teeth and reducing any inflammation in your mouth. Regular use of this oral irrigator can make your breath fresh. Its aerodynamic design allows you to enjoy its strong cleaning power and comfortable flushing experience. During this presale period, you only need to pay about $64.99 from its normal price of $100.84. You will get an additional 36% discount during this period. Grab this opportunity now.


Using an oral irrigator is very useful to help you maintain your teeth health every day. You can use it for removing any food residue, bacteria, plague, and unwanted materials from your teeth completely.

Oclean W1 Smart Aerodynamics Oral Irrigator Portable Dental Water Flosser 1200mAh Battery APP Scheme 3 Cleaning Modes



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