7 Things That You Should Consider When Buying A Laser Range Finder

Undoubtedly one of the best invention in human history, the laser rangefinder has revolutionized the way people measure long distances these days. 

There is no need to measure distance by using a tape meter anymore. Architects, geologists, adventure enthusiasts, and golf players rely on the most advanced technologies, to get the exact length and locations of objects far away from their sights. 

The laser rangefinder is available in different specifications having different features and designs. Some laser rangefinder is more compatible with small areas, whereas some are more useful in places with higher temperature and irregular surface areas. 

However, with so many different options available in all different specifications and features offered, selecting the one that is best suitable for your requirements can be a tedious task. 

We have prepared the list of things to consider when buying a laser rangefinder. In this article, we will discuss all the essential factors that you must consider, before buying your laser rangefinder. 

1. Features 

One of the most important things to consider while buying a laser rangefinder are the features available in it. For example, if you need a laser rangefinder for your golf playing time, look for a rangefinder that comes with slope technology feature. 

Slope technology feature will help you to get better and accurate readings on slopes, by making proper adjustment of readings to compensate for the gradient. In addition to this, it will also help to balance out the readings on the downhill and uphill shots. You must also take into the magnification power and size of the rangefinder. 

2. Bluetooth Interface

Another thing to consider while buying a laser rangefinder is to see if it has a Bluetooth interface. If there is a Bluetooth interface, then you will be able to draw sketches and also perform work in CAD software. CAD software like AutoCAD can be used with a smartphone or other mobile devices, which later can be used to develop detailed plans on site. Such type of functionality is specifically crucial for engineers and architects.  

In addition to this, the laser finder with a built-in camera allows you to overlay measurements on photos that you take on-site. Having the Bluetooth interface on the device will help to bring measurements directly to these apps. 

For professionals, including architects, engineers, and interior designer can save a lot of time by using the Bluetooth interface to build an accurate floor plan. However, a laser rangefinder with Bluetooth will be more expensive compared to other devices.  

3. Ease of Use

While buying a new laser rangefinder, do remember to consider the ease of use of that particular device. The efficiency of rangefinder also depends heavily upon its ease of use. You must be able to access all of the features of your laser rangefinder without any troubles, to get accurate results and measurements. 

What is the use of buying a laser rangefinder that is not easy to understand and thus does not fulfill your requirements? Therefore, ease of use becomes a significant factor while buying a laser rangefinder. Read for actual user reviews and ratings to determine whether the device is easy to use or not.  

4. IP Rating

Another thing that you must take into consideration while buying a new laser rangefinder is the IP rating of the device. IP generally stands for Ingress Protection that provides the resistance level of the device to moisture and dust. It is vital to ensure that the instrument you are buying is durable and can withstand harshest of environment and conditions, as you are spending a lot of money on it. 

If you are professional, then it is important that you do not go for a device that has an IP rating of below IP54, meaning that your device is moisture and dust resistant. However, for conditions that are tough and bad to work, look for a device that has a rating of IP65. 

5. Price

There is no harming in choosing a laser rangefinder that comes with all the advanced features. However, what people often tend to overlook is the price associated with such devices. There is absolutely no point in paying a large sum of money for features that you will hardly need. Thus, look for the equipment that is in your price range and is within the price range that you can afford. 

Remember, buying a laser rangefinder is an investment, so think twice before you make the purchase and buy something that is in your budget, but with all the necessary and essential features. 

6. Type of Laser Light Being Used

Choose a laser rangefinder that makes use of high-quality laser beam, to calculate the distance of an object from far-away distances. In general, class 2 laser beam light is known to be reliable for mapping and scanning purpose. Such types of laser only emit rays that are visible and does not cause any harm to the human eye. 

Being said that, they are still more efficient as compared to other types of laser light. In addition to the safety of your eye, you can also have accurate data and readings without any errors. Thus, it is essential to check for the type of laser light being used while selecting your new laser rangefinder. 

7. Up-to-date Technology

With so many options to choose from, you will find some laser rangefinder that makes use of old technology. Yes, such kind of devices will be cheaper in comparison to the new ones. 

However, it is crucial to get the tool which makes use of modern technology, if your requirements demand that. Do not go for the lower price, thinking the others are too expensive. Look for a device with better technology. 

Some of the laser rangefinders that we thought would be excellent and worth mentioning in our post are as follows. 

1. Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder 40m

The Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser rangefinder is slim and portable, allowing you to carry the device inside your bag pack or even in your pocket. It provides accurate and correct measurement and has a measuring range of 0.03 - 40m. It has a good battery life and comes with a 180mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3,000 measurements on one single charge. It has a simple user interface and comes with single button control. 

2. Gocomma M60 Handheld Laser Rangefinder 60m

The Gocomma M60 Handheld Laser rangefinder comes with a high-quality optical lens that offers clear and translucent light. It provides stable measurement capability and is waterproof and dustproof. The measurement range of the device is 0.05 - 60m and can be used to measure 5,000 times, within a single charge. Thus, the battery life is good and can be operated for a more extended period of times. It is portable and is easy to measure by using a single hand. 

3. Suaoki S9 60m Laser Distance Meter

The Suaoki S9 60m laser distance meter comes with an IP54 rating, meaning that it is dustproof and waterproof. It has a compact size and thus does not takes much space in your bag pack. It offers accurate and faster measurements. You can have up to 5,000 measurements with a single charge. The battery life is good. The display is easy to read, and the interface is quite simple, for anybody to use.

4. SNDWAY SW - TM60 Infrared Laser Rangefinder 60m

The measuring range of SNDWAY SW - TM60 Infrared Laser rangefinder is up to 40 – 60m and offers accurate and correct measurements. It also comes with a retractable tape measure, which is an added benefit for people who wants to make use of it. You can get an accuracy of + / - 2mm, with the laser rangefinder. The display of the device is easy to read, and the device itself is easy to use. 

5. SNDWAY Handheld Laser Rangefinder Infrared Measuring Instrument 80m

The SNDWAY Handheld Laser rangefinder Infrared Measuring Instrument 80m comes with a level 2 laser light, which is not harmful to the eyes, as discussed above. It provides easy, fast, and accurate measurements. It is compact and extremely portable. You can even carry the device in your pocket. The measurement range of the instrument is up to 80 m. The display of the device is easy to use, and the interface is easy to understand.

Alfawise LS - 1 Mini Laser Rangefinder



suaoki S9 60m laser distance meter



Gocomma M60 Handheld Laser Range Finder 60M



SNDWAY Handheld Laser Range Finder Infrared Measuring Instrument 80M



SNDWAY SW - TM60 Infrared Laser Range Finder



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