Under $50! Alfawise L18 Helps You Stop Burglary From Your Home When You’re Not At Home!
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Under $50! Alfawise L18 Helps You Stop Burglary From Your Home When You’re Not At Home!

Home security should be at the top of the priority list for anyone who cares much about the safety of their family. With the way technology works these days, owning a home with the smart doorbell or video camera doorbell has become even more exciting. 

Without these on your home, it can be especially unsettling when you are away on vacation because your mind keeps worrying about what might be happening in your absence. 

To help keep your mind relaxed and to take care of all these worries, installing a smart doorbell such as the Alfawise L18 that will make it easier for you to keep an eye on things from anywhere through your smartphone. 

Why Do You Need A Smart Video Doorbell?

As home automation becomes even more sophisticated, you'll find yourself able to keep track of things that initially seem so non-feasible. Take, for example, answering your door, also if you're not physically at home. An Alfawise L18 smart doorbell enables you to control your Alarm system anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. 

Burglars favor houses that are unoccupied. A video camera doorbell makes it possible to answer the door and scare away any potential burglar by giving the stranger or visitor the impression that you are home. By giving them the vibe that you can see what's happening around your property, you will succeed in scaring away potential burglars. With the smart doorbell, you'll be able to make your home a lot less favorable for burglary.

Smart doorbells can do so much more than that, uniquely when they are equipped with the right features. With features like a two-way talk system, night vision capabilities, and live streaming, you'll be able to detect intruders and burglars even before they execute their plans. It can also record videos to serve as hard evidence.

Also, by monitoring your feed, you can check on your kids and know when they arrive home from school. You also get alerts whenever they leave the house. Moreover, you'll be able to tell the deliveryman where to leave your parcel. Some smart doorbells like the Alfawise L18 come with built-in motion detectors that trigger mobile alerts and record videos that you can access from your phone. 

Problems That You May Encounter With Video Doorbells 

As much as the smart video doorbell is premium, there are little downsides to it that you should know as a user. One is power. Some of the Video camera doorbells is designed to draw power. Your doorbell mechanism draws so much energy that causes serious power problems. 

Also, if the source of power is a battery, there’s a high tendency that the video camera doorbells will have some mild breakage (as the battery-powered smart video doorbells lose power too easy) in transmitting stream signals; which is supposed to be streamed back to your tablet or phone.

Moreover, you might have to worry about the pros of having a smart gadget outside of your home. Finally, video doorbells with motion detectors can be way too sensitive. It may give off a lot of false alarms and piss your phone off with countless notifications. 

What Makes Alfawise L18 Smart Doorbell Stand Out?

Of all the smart doorbells available in the smart home market, the Alfawise L18 has all the features to make for the best smart video doorbell. The 1080P HD camera, stacked in the smart doorbell with an outstanding resolution of 1920 x 1080P all works to offer a video and images of high quality that you can easily identify your visitor without second-guessing. 

With a 166° angle of visibility coupled with the intelligent infrared night vision, you are guaranteed of good angle coverage and comprehensive coverage of your home even at night time. 

Another remarkable feature is the WiFi Enabled APP remote control that transmits signals in a matter of less than a second. Compatible with Ios and Android, the app’s audio and noise elimination process make for clear communication with all that comes knocking at your door. The Alfawise L18 smart doorbell with 1/2.7 CMOS motion detection sensor size quickly detects any action as the intelligent video doorbell instantly sends the notification to your mobile device.

The Alfawise L18 is every smart home choice as it is effortless to install, maintain, and connect to the mobile device with no unambiguous step process. Also, the video camera doorbell is waterproof and dustproof, making it impervious to the elements. Its long standby time of 6 to 8 months makes it the best money value smart doorbell.

Who Needs The Alfawise L18 DOORBELL?   

The Alfawise L18 smart doorbell is designed for anyone with the definite intention of protecting his family and property from unfriendly strangers. Its ability to capture video, record video, and have live feedback makes it the top security choice smart doorbell.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs security. With several smart video doorbells in the market, Alfawise L18 stands out by offering the best money value and myriads of novel high-end security tech features, all pushing it as a top buyer’s choice. It’s also very affordable, easy to install, waterproof and dustproof. 

Keep your home secure, invest in a smart doorbell!

Alfawise L18 1080P HD Wireless WiFi Smart Doorbell Real-time Video Camera PIR Motion Detection Security Infrared Night Vision IP5 Waterproof



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