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The new 3D Printer/Laser engraver in the test.

The new LOTMAXX 3D printer offers a two-color extruder and many others innovation features.

We tested the LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK and I'll tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the new model.

In the box

A look inside also shows that the individual parts are precisely embedded in foam. As is so often the case, the components are arranged on two levels.

Inside you will find the largest kit with auto level sensor, two-color extruder and laser engraver (maximum complectation). At the accessories box there are two rolls of filament with 200g each, which will be enough for many test prints (also with the dual-color extruder). The tools for the assembly as well as some spare parts such as a nozzle, a temperature sensor, Bowden hose or screws are also included. Cable ties, USB cables, protective glasses, screwdrivers etc. are included as accessories. The operating instructions are in understandable English, but are also on the noname microSD with 16 GB.

Structure & quality

I like the processing quality! No scratched parts (test prints were already made for us in China, ie it was already set up) and most of it is made of metal. Here and there (filament holder, filament sensor or mainboard housing) is made of gray plastic.

The assembly is done in 10-15 minutes . Ultimately, you only have to put the Z-axis on the base with 4 screws, attach the screen and filament holder with two screws each and plugged the cables.

The 3D-Touch Autolevel sensor is well protected in an extra box and is attached to the right of the printhead with two screws. The cultivation was done in 2-3 minutes.

The extensions (here: auto-leveling & dual extruder) are plugged in at the front. 

3D prints

At start quiet fan goes on and the display comes to life. Since this is only placed in the holder, it can be moved freely. When I pressed it for the first time, however, I immediately noticed the slow "loading" of the screen contents. Every "page" that is loaded from top to bottom takes 1-2 seconds. This is not critical, but it is an unpleasant first impression.

The screen reacts very precisely to my finger inputs, the English is also easy to understand here (6 other languages can also be set). 

Then I tested the autolevel sensor. Everything works.

The print volume is very good. Thanks to the TMC2208 driver, I can also have the SHARK run next to me in my room during my test prints.
At 62 - 65 dB, the SC-10 SHARK is relatively quiet. It gets a little louder (1-2 dB) with very quick changes of position (new layer) or many Z-hops (ie raising and lowering the print head).

I then have a few things to talk about the print or heating bed: What I like are the large level wheels, the good, stable guide with 4 rollers on the solid 4040 aluminum profile and the removable, magnetic, flexible printing surface.

Unfortunately, the underside of the print bed is not thermally insulated: We “burn up” energy unnecessarily and the temperature cannot be kept constant. 

I like the structure of the print head! With a total of four fans , it looks a bit getting used to, but it cools the object from three sides (the fourth fan cools the hotend). This allows more extreme overhangs to be printed. 

The print results are really good ! The three print part fans do a very good job, so that hardly any individual layers (even with a layer height of 0.16 mm) are recognizable on the outer walls. The individual layers can only be recognized in the upper layers. 

Two-color printing with dual extruder kit

Attaching the second extruder kit is relatively quick (~ 15 minutes) with the instructions. To do this, the housing of the printhead has to be opened and the entire hot-end swept out.

Of course, the second extruder motor is also screwed onto the frame. In the firmware or the “Configuration.txt.” On the microSD card, the value EXTRUDER_NUM must be set once to 2 for the “double extruder” mode.

There it stands rebuilt with two rolls of filament.

Now it was time to get print files with two colors. You can go to Thingiverse to search it myself. Since you still have to slice the code, I installed the included slicing software. This is based on Cura 4.21. In the "normal" Cura only the LOTMAXX printer profiles for the SC-10 and SC-20 are entered. The LOTMAXX software also includes the Shark, including proper parameters.

The adapted Cura has 5 instead of 2 printers in the selection.

So fix test Dual Color Piranha thrown into the slicer, add the GCODE to the auto leveling (it is well explained in the instructions), add a second extruder that merges two models and copies the GCODE to the microSD card.

Usually, dual-color printing is always a bit tricky. The "retracting" when changing filaments has to be fiddly adjusted, the Primetower is too small / big ... but everything worked right away - ie the stored profile is more than solid! 

In general, the prints went without any problems. 

Even if the UI isn't the prettiest, the preview even shows the colors accurately. No buggy software, no bad component quality, quick installation of the kits and the print quality is also top.

Laser engraving with the LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK

In order to attach the laser module, the autolevel sensor must be removed. This is done quickly thanks to the two screws and the 3D printer is happy about every gram that does not have to be moved or braked on the X-axis. In addition, the height or the Z-axis does not play a role when engraving (apart from the one-off focus) anyway. I dismantled the auto-level sensor and screwed on the laser module. This is also done in (maximum) 5 minutes. To do this, a small electronics box is attached and screwed on at the front. The cable then also leads, more or less nicely, to the print head.

The laser box, is plugged into the connection and screwed tight.

The software looks pretty much like Windows 98, can simply engrave lettering or engrave JPGs or PNGs in black / white or gray. The conversion into "vectors", ie here only the outlines, is also possible. You can zoom in / out a bit and adjust the speed - that's it. But you don't need more.
Nice is different: But the software is functional.

Here, too, everything works right away and the first engraving looks good.


You have a lot of accessories, the instructions are self-explanatory, the conversion is quick and the results are great. I really enjoyed this machine, especially with dual-color printing!

LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK Dual Color / Dual Color + Laser Engraving 2-in-1 3.5-inch Touch High Quality FDM 3D Printer



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