Teclast F7S Review
Sergio Montana

Teclast F7S Review

Budget variant for office.

Today we'll review Teclast F7S 14.1-inch low-end notebook.

It is one of the strengths of Shenzhen Chinese manufacturers, including Teclast, to finish such low-end PCs to a reasonably usable level.

Teclast F7S: Specifications

OS Windows 10 Home
CPU Intel Celeron N3350
Storage 128GB eMMC
Display 14.1 inch IPS (1,920 x 1,080)
Network 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Input/output USB3.0×2, 3.5mm headphone jack, miniHDMI, microSD card reader
Camera Web camera (pixel count unknown)
Battery Operating time nominal 7 hours
Size 334 x 224 x 17.7 mm
Weight 1.5kg

Looking at the specs, it is still a low end for the 14.1 inch at the 2020 level. However, that is Teclast, who was used to making low-end terminals. While we are trying to reduce costs in various places, we are holding down what we should hold down for the price.

In the box

In the box you will find warranty cards and manuals, the power adapter compatible with the shape of outlets in each country and the notebook itself. 


The case has a small maker logo in the upper left. The housing is certainly made of metal and has a solid structure. 

On the left side you can see USB port, DC-IN, mini HDMI port.

On right side from left you can see microSD card slot, 3.5mm earphone jack, USB port.

In the front there is nothing in particular, and you can see the thinness. There's no such thing as a grab to open it, but it's also not clinging to the pitch, so you don't have to worry about opening the display. Easy to open with one hand.

On the back side there is nothing.

The bottom is also made of metal. It has 4 rubber legs. Also, you can add SSD, and it is a good possibility.

Let’s look at the keyboard side. The keyboard surface is entirely plastic. The function key row at the top is still functions keys. Inexpensive PCs in this class have multimedia keys by default, and the function functions are often pressed simultaneously with the "Shift" key. It may depend on the person, but a lot of people use "F7" to "F10" in text typing, so this is an unexpectedly important point.

The key pitch is really 21mm, not 19mm.

The key tops of the alphabet keys are slightly recessed to make it easier to hit. But there is no backlight like in the higher version Teclast F7 Plus.

Let's see on the display surface. The camera is on the top and the brand logo is on the bottom.There is no spec information about the camera, but it is exist, so it is not a dummy hole. Of course, the image quality is minimal. 

This is the maximum angle that the display can open. It is not possible to open completely, but it is enough for practical use.

In addition to this, the actual weight is 1.58 kg. So it's probably an acceptable range. It's hard to carry around in terms of size, but it's easy to carry with one hand if you carry it quickly to change the work place.

So, as mentioned above, although the cost has been cut, such as eliminating the keyboard backlight, the essential parts are firmly made, and it is truly a quality.


First, from the initial settings. The system locale is English.

The software is in a very beautiful state with only the Windows default software. Since the notebook detected 5GWiFi, it is compatible with the 5GHz band. 

The display has a 1920 x 1080 pixel FHD resolution. A glossy type. The FHD resolution is a good deal at this price range. Colors are normal. In fact, when you see a vivid image, you may feel that the contrast and saturation are slightly weak, but there is no noticeable dissatisfaction, and the quality is practical enough. 

Despite the IPS LCD, the so-called viewing angle is narrow. Since it is tilted about 45° from the center, the reflection is more likely to win, making it hard to see. However, it is not extremely dark, so it is different from TN. Brightness is normal.

The touch of the key is a crackling type that is likely to occur, but the structure is solid and there is no problem with typing. The sensitivity is also good. The key pitch is 21 mm, which is enough for comfortable typing. Normally, a full-size keyboard is 19mm.

As for the big touchpad, you will not get any unintended touches. The sensitivity is normal. You can comfortably pinch in/out with two fingers and scroll.

Well, I wasn't expecting it, but I can hear it more than I expected. The speaker does not have a hole in it, and it can be heard from below the keyboard. The microphone also has holes, but I think it's practical enough to use something like ZOOM. Anyway, if you want to listen to music, please connect earphones.


It takes about 50 seconds from button press to desktop display. The launch of office software and image editing software, feels a little easier to launch, but it is within the range of common sense. It's not just a click-and-open level. 

So, the notebook has Celeron N3350. During watching video on Youtube with resolution 1080p, some stuttering occured. Looking at the task manager, it seems that the CPU often sticks to 100% during 1080p playback, although it is a video. Stable playback is at 720p level. 

With the cloud storage syncing process, you get a lot of machine power. Even if you're doing something light like typing text with office software, you can clearly feel that it's getting heavier.


In the premise that it is a low-spec machine, you can use it enough if you use it carefully. For example, do not perform various processing at the same time, do not throw in resident software, or lower the image quality when watching videos. The effect of the cost reduction is nothing but the processing power of the CPU, but in the other parts, it seems that it is well balanced so as not to affect the practical usability.

On the other hand, if you don't originally demand high processing capacity and you want "somewhat reasonable" to be "cheap," I think it will be one of the most powerful options. Whether these are acceptable or not, that is, "what do you want to use"? There is a not enought for watching the web video, so I think it's more like office work.

Teclast F7S 14.1 inch Notebook Intel N3350 8GB RAM 128GB SSD



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