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I am a dedicated tech researcher. I often spend my spare relaxation time studying and analyzing tech on the cutting edge and following leaks. I often know what is going to be released months in advance.

Several months ago, I was frustrated with past robot vacuum purchases made in my home without my consultation. This led me on a path to find Roborock and the latest S6 flagship.

The intelligent mapping alone is worth the $599 price of admission. That's what more popular robots like iRobot lack unless you get into the absolute top-tier of their catalog. I believe in paying for quality and circumventing the trappings of bloated marketing campaigns.

The integrated smart app and network connectivity to Google and Alex is well organized and easy to use. The real time vacuum tracking and mapping on the app, in addition to being able to start the cleaning process from anywhere you have service and or WiFi, are the type of features you'd expect at this price-point.

Roborock has demonstrated to me that not only can they provide a superior product but also they can do so at a price that undercuts the competition..without sacrificing quality and ease of use.

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roborock S6 LDS Scanning SLAM Algorithm Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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