Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit. Review.
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Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit. Review.

Kit for home automation at a low cost.

Home automation for everyone is the trend of the last few years with cost-effective and easy solutions.

The Alfawise Z1 Zigbee gateway is sold when in a deal around 50$ at Gearbest with 3 sensors.

TUYA SMART for Light Home Automation

It’s a challenge to test the Alfawise Z1 Zigbee Gateway without understanding the environment in which it will fit into your home. The Z1 is not a home automation box. It is a device that integrates Zigbee-compatible sensors/captors and makes them available to an external control and programming system. This system is Tuya Smart whose visible side are the mobile applications TUYA SMART HOME and SMART LIFE which are almost identical and interchangeable. They exists for iOs and Android.

The TUYA SMART solution allows any manufacturer of a connected object to be integrated at lower cost and complexity in a home automation hosted on the Internet. This solution gives a manufacturer the ability to interact with devices from different brands via scripts. This virtual home automation box located in the “cloud” is secure and complies with European regulations for the protection of personal data. Performance is also on the agenda with an average response time of 10ms.

Each object connected in this way has its own user interface and can be remotely operated (e.g. lights, heater) or used to return information (e.g. temperature, intruder alert).

You can automate tasks as you would do in a physical home automation BOX at home.

This solution already integrates several thousands of products from different manufacturers. They are light bulbs, power outlets, air purifier, locks, video doorphone, camera , … using TUYA.

Alfawise Z1, a Zigbee Gateway

The “objects” connected to TUYA must be able to reach the Tuya servers. They use your Wifi network and Internet connection and then need power.It is easy to investigate for a camera, a light or a device directly attached to a power sock but not for a basic window or a temperature sensor. Wifi is not an option for them.

This is where the Alfawise Z1 ZIGBEE gateway comes in. It acts as a “bridge / gateway” between these objects and the Tuya platform via your Wifi network.

To integrate these objects, the Alfawise Z1 gateway uses a low-power radio network based on Zigbee IEEE802.15.4.

The Alfawise Z1 solution implements the ZIGBEE protocol as standard, which gives it the possibility of integrating sensors from other brands than its own.

Alfawise Z1 Kit: Sensors

The Zigbee Gateway, the heart of the solution, is very small. It is the size of an AC adapter (57 x 57 x 22mm) and plugs into an AC outlet without the need for an adapter.

The station has two LEDs on the front panel that indicate its general status and the association mode via a single button.
The Alfawise Z1 gateway does not have light sensors or other sirens, as Xiaomi or Aqara did on its earlier generations of hubs. Nor does it offer an Ethernet network input. It is therefore very small.

Once connected to a socket, a long press on the button puts it in association mode.

To make it work, you must install the TUYA SMART or SMART LIFE application on your smartphone (iOs or Android) then add a {{Gateway (Zigbee)}} device to the “Gateway and other” category.

The procedure is very simple and only requires you to indicate your 2.4GHz wifi network and its network key in the interface.
A Zigbee Smart gateway then appears in the first screen of Tuya ready to add chldren sensors. 

The Alfawise Zigbee Kit includes three sensors in addition to the Gateway so that you can discover put of the box the possibilities of the Gateway/Tuya Smart.

Each Zigbee module is added by placing them in association by pressing their button.

The first sensor in the box is a Zigbee Magnetic Window and Door Sensor reference D02. This is a typical two-part system, the master part, 65 x 28 x 18 mm size, powered by a button cell and the slave, 30 x 16 x 12.5 mm size.

As soon as the two parts move apart or touch each other, an alert is sent to your smartphone (push notification) or an automation can be activated. You can, for example, activate a siren or even send an SMS by subscribing to an optional service in Tuya.

The second sensor provided is also traditional in an alarm environment. It is a motion sensor M02. Powered by a 3V button cell, with 3 years of autonomy, this module is very small 46 x 38 x 35 mm. It can be placed at a height of about 2 meters and it detects on an angle of 120°. Again, this detection can trigger a scenario, for example the activation of a lamp. Depending on the hour of the day, it can switch on and off automatically after a delay.

The last sensor in the box provides other types of service. It is a two-in-one module that informs about the temperature (range -20 °C ~ +60 °C), humidity level (range -20 °C ~ +60 °C) and humidity level (range 0 ~ 100). The aim of this sensor, reference T02, is to give information and maybe activate a heater or air conditioning unit if needed. It is easy to install due its small size 42 x 40 x 23.5 mm.


The Zigbee Alfawise Z1 Gateway Kit and its three sensors allows anyone to enter the world of home automation at a low cost. This solution integrates with the Tuya / Smart Life cost-free boxless home automation solution to further increase the already wide range of possibilities. 

• Simple
• Zigbee Universal
• SmarHome / Tuya compatible
• Ready to use kit
• The Price

• Operation with Alexa Voice assistant unclear

Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway Door Window Sensor Voice Assistant Intelligent Home Alarm Kit



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