AUN F30 Review.
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AUN F30 Review.

Best budget projector under $180.

If you are looking for an inexpensive home projector, then this review is what you need. Today we will talk about the budget projector called AUN F30 with a price tag of slightly less than $180.

Agree that it is hard to find a good projector at a low price, and to still have Full HD resolution – this is problematic, but not for the Chinese market.

AUN F30: Specifications

Display Technology: LED
Contrast: 4000:1
Screen aspect ratio: 1.38:1
Native resolution: 1920 by 1080 Pixels
Brightness: 6500 lumen
Projection screen size: 40-200 inches
Video Formats: 4K, 1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Lamp Life: 50.000 Hours
Size: 290 x 240 x 100 mm
Weight: 3200 grams

AUN F30: In the box

Inside the box you can find the following components – the projector itself, which is packaged in an air cushion, so there will be no damage during transportation, power cord with a European plug.

Also in a separate package are the instruction in English, two pairs of glasses for 3D viewing of films, a cloth for wiping glasses and remote control.

AUN F30: Design 

The new projector AUN F30 is made of white glossy plastic, which attracts attention with its minimization. It is definitely suitable for your living room or office space.

The dimensions and weight of the projector are not small, so you should have attention, the weight is 3.2 kg.

On top of the projector is the name of the company AUN and there are no more functional elements. On the front of the AUN F30 has optics, which is covered with a protective plastic cover. On the same side, there is an infrared receiver for the remote control.

On the right side, there are a lot of ventilation holes through which you can see the cooling radiators of the projector. 

On the left side, there are holes for sound, which emit two speakers, and there are two wheels nearby. 

The first adjusts the focus, and the second adjusts the angle of correction in the range of plus or minus 15 degrees.

On the bottom of the AUN F30 are rubber feet, anti-slip on a hard surface. Also, there are four mounts under the bracket on the wall. There is no standard hole for the tripod, as the device is quite large and heavy. In addition, there is a folding leg, so that you can change the angle of projection.

It is located on the back side of the projector – a separate connector is provided for the power cable of 150W and the power switch.

Slightly higher multimedia ports, namely, two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, optical SPDIF port and 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. Also, there is still one infrared port for the remote.

The control buttons are located on the back side on the right side, they are identical to the remote control. 

Therefore, you can use either the remote control or the buttons on the case without any problems.

The remote is made of black plastic with a minimum number of buttons. 

Control is simple and intuitive, problems with use should not arise. Powered by the remote with two AAA batteries.

AUN F30: Functions and Image

In the base system version, you can choose two sources of signal – these are two USB ports and an HDMI port. Then you have the opportunity to choose to play various media files, namely music, movies, pictures, and others.

If you have a TV box, you can connect it to the AUN F30 projector and watch your favorite shows or movies on the big screen.

When testing the projector, It was connected the TV box and game consoles, there were no connection problems and everything worked smoothly.

The main feature of the projector AUN F30 is honest Full HD resolution, which does not spoil the picture, even on large screen size. You can use a projector from 40 to 200 inches. The optimal value is 160 inches at which the quality will not deteriorate much.

The picture of the image, as for its price is very rich and bright, it is difficult to find analogs in the market of budget projectors. In the corners, the image is not blurred and remains clear over the entire projection surface on the screen.

The brightness is not high and amounts to 360 ANSI lumens, but for home use, this will be enough. In the daytime it is recommended to close the curtains, then it will be possible to better use the projector.

The contrast is 4000: 1, black colors are saturated and for this model, there is certainly enough contrast. The displayed projection looks in detail and there are no difficulties when watching movies or games.

There are two 5W loudspeakers installed in the AUN F30 projector. For a full high-quality sound, you will need a separate speaker system, but the quality of the built-in speakers is not the worst. The volume is high and watching movies or TV shows will not be a problem, the standard speakers are enough.

The manufacturer promises about 50 thousand hours of operation of the LED lamp, which is about 10 years using 12-13 hours every day.
The noise from the fans is present, but it is not so strong. When watching movies, the volume of the speakers clearly exceeds the volume of the noise of the cooling fans. In silence, the projector sounds like an average laptop, you will not feel any discomfort.

AUN F30: Conclusion 

Currently, the projector AUN F30 – is one of the best budget options, both in its price and its technical characteristics.

The quality of the projection image even on a large screen up to 160 inches will have a good and rich picture but at the maximum value of contrast and brightness.

The projector AUN F30 can be used as at home viewing at home or on the street, and for office or educational purposes.

AUN Full HD Projector F30 1920x1080 Resolution LED Projector 5500 Lumens 3D Smart Beamer



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