Gocomma B1 budget fitness bracelet!!!

Gocomma B1 budget fitness bracelet!!!

Gocomma B1 budget fitness bracelet with many functions!!!

Hello dear friends! 

Another parcel of China gearbest. We open and look at what's inside.

Came fitness bracelet gocomma b1.
The packaging is quite simple.

 On the front side you can see the bracelet itself without any symbols.

On the back side there is a list of present functions in the bracelet. Namely: pressure measurement, calories, distance, call and message notification, heart rate, running, sleep monitoring, camera control and ip67 water protection. As well as a qr code to download the app.
It is interesting that nowhere on the box is not the name of the brand and model. And in General, there is almost no information about the gocomma brand on the Internet. It is only clear that this product is from the store gearbest.

Inside, the configuration is simple. There are instructions. On the one hand Chinese, on the other English.

The charger is made in the form of a clip, plugged into the usb connector.

And the bracelet itself. The strap is made of high-quality silicone. Wide enough with a grooved surface. There is one clip. Color TFT display, size 0.96 inches.

On the back side there are 3 contacts for connecting charging and a laser sensor for measuring physical parameters.

The capsule itself has a rectangular shape and navigation through the menu is done by clicking on
touch the convex button. No swipes. The brightness of the display is weak. In the sun, the information is poorly readable.

By the way, the capsule itself can be obtained from the bracelet, which means that the strap can be changed. That's just the strap on the Internet for a replacement is not found.

Another big plus is the ability to charge the bracelet without taking the capsule out of the strap.
Let's go through the menu a bit. The first time you tap it, the main screen appears. Which shows you basic information such as connection, battery level, date, time, and weather. If you press and hold your finger on the sensor on the main screen, the screen saver changes. Then, with a single click, go to the bracelet menu. Steps taken, distance, calories burned, heart rate measurement, moisture content, pressure measurement, weather and more. Here again, hold down the button and go to the submenu. There is a search for the phone, a message timer, and disabling the bracelet itself.
The menu is standard, but lacks a larger selection of screensavers.

And a little on the characteristics: there is bluetooth 4.0, the battery capacity of 80 milliampere hours, which is charged for two hours and the battery life of the bracelet up to two weeks.
Now let's connect the bracelet to the phone. To do this, download the app and Wiarfit from the play store and turn on bluetooth on your phone. Launch the app and tie the bracelet.

 Give all permissions from the list select b1.Again we give permission. And immediately POPs up a window with all the measurements for the day. Here you can select measurements and measure all the indicators at once. In the menu, you can select personal information, where you can make personal settings.
Results for the week. Take a photo by shaking the bracelet. 

Unfortunately, this function does not work on a standard camera. Only on the built in app a b
it has few settings and works somehow crooked. And in order to take a photo you need a lot of tresti. Manage devices and settings. Also, after connecting the bracelet to the phone, we can see the display of the caller's name and message on the display accompanied by a vibration. Unfortunately, the choice of applications is small for receiving notifications, especially for the CIS countries. In principle, there are few settings, there is a basic one.
It is hard to say how well the bracelet measures the indicators. need to compare.
As for the steps passed, I will make a comparison with mi band 4.
In this case, gocomma overstates its performance.

But the pulse with mi band 4 is almost the same.

The moisture content does not even know what to compare.

But the pressure measurements are very interesting to check, since I have not yet encountered this function in bracelets. I will compare the pressure with an electronic device. Of course we can say that the electronic device itself does not accurately show the measurement, but I do not have a manual for comparison. Therefore, I will compare it with the electron. And as you can see from the photo, there is a run-up and it is significant. And so this function on the bracelet I would not trust, and used it only as entertainment. 

Advantages of the bracelet: it is of course the price, a variety of functionality, looks beautiful.
Of the disadvantages: not bright enough display.

This review is over! thank you all !!

Gocomma B1 0.96 inch Color Display Smart Bracelet GPS 15 Days Standby Sports Smartwatch (MPOW DS - D6 Updated Version)



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