CES 2020 Event: What Smartphones Can You Expect to See?
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CES 2020 Event: What Smartphones Can You Expect to See?

No doubt, CES is the world's largest tech show that shows the current consumer technology system available with humans. It is the biggest platform for thousands of companies that can represent their innovations in front of everyone!

We can expect much from 2020. The major highlights will be Concept One from OnePlus, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Lite! However, we can end our expectations here!

There might be possibilities that we will see much-awaited 5G in action, and it will be going to change our daily life. Also, rumors say super-fast laptops, for gaming and high productive works, are also lined up to be presented in the upcoming event.

The List of Smartphone Manufacturers attending CES 2020!

Almost all smartphone manufacturers will be going to attend the event. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

1) Apple – A good news for Apple fans would be the fact that this will be going to the first time, i.e., 2020, when Apple will participate in a CES event. They will not announce any new hardware but attend a round-table discussion on protection and privacy.

2) Samsung – As per rumors, Samsung will be going to reveal its next foldable phone has an impressive camera setup. 

It might also release Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 lite. Additionally, possibilities are these devices would be in the budget of most of its fans. But no proof has been uncovered about the same till now!

3)Sony – We can always expect a new model probably the successor of Xperia line-up at every CES event. But this time, media says they will unveil one at MWC 2020. It has been stated that at the CES event, the company is going to focus more on consumer electronics.

4)Xiaomi – After a glimpse of the in-display camera concept from Oppo, Xiaomi is also working on it. As per a leak, the company might be going to organize the exclusive launch event focused on innovations about their products.

5) Vivo – An emerging smartphone manufacturer who is expected to reveal its new smartphone at MWC 2020 that will be going to held at the end of Feb 20. Well, this means, for now, we cannot expect any new launchings from the company at this CES.

6)Huawei – The company will likely launch its P40 smartphone globally in the next year, who knows! It might happen during the CES. There will be new smart home products to be expected from the brand in the event!

7) OnePlus – As per the recent tweet of the CEO of OnePlus that says the company will be going to show something exciting at the Las Vegas. The media reports say there be the announcement of OnePlus 8 Lite by which the company will enter into the mid-range smartphone market.

Smartphones to be released at CES 2020

Companies like OnePlus, Sony, Intel, AMD, Panasonic, LG, TCL, and Qualcomm have confirmed to conduct their conference in the event. So we can definitely expect much from them! Let us have a quick look at the two leaks of premium smartphones that are rumored to be going to debut in the event:

1)Samsung's Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Lite. Among them, it has been said that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled at CES 2020 officially. We will also see 5G based new models of mobiles from Sony, Samsung and other popular brands.

2)OnePlus is coming with a new device under the tagline 'Concept One.' The company has planned to launch it at their event at CES. A shadowed photo of the same has been revealed recently. It looks almost like a regular smartphone, but we can expect much about what else it has to offer to its community.

Not only this, we will be going to see new add-ons on the list of smartphones having foldable and flexible screens. With its other range of products, we will also expect LG to introduce mid-range smartphones.


As we all know, new concepts and products are revealed at Consumer Electronics Show. It can either a new robot or any innovative drone. CTA or Consumer Technology Association is responsible for managing this event.

They confirmed this year the main highlights would be in the field of customer experience, data analytics, and travel & tourism. CES is scheduled to be held from Jan 7 to 10, 2020.

Near about 200k visitors from more than 160 different nations are going to witness the event at Las Vegas. We will see new headphonessmartphones, consumer durables, and more from Sony, OnePlus, and other brands.

Get ready for new tech updates, tech mysteries to be uncovered, and smart products to be launched in just a few weeks! For now, from CES 2020, we can still expect something unexpected!

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