Face Masks. Against COVID-19.
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Face Masks. Against COVID-19.

All that You Need to Know About Face Masks and COVID-19.

Against the background of the active spread of coronavirus, the demand for masks and respirators has grown significantly. You need to know about the main features of the masks, including which particular protective equipment is relevant against the very COVID-19.

Types of medical masks - which is better from coronavirus

The effectiveness of the mask is higher, the denser it is adjacent to the face.

Medical disposable mask

A modern disposable medical mask consists of two or three layers of non-woven material. It is attached to the face thanks to elastic loops. The masks are most closely adjacent to the face, into which plastic or aluminum plates are sewn.

There are masks equipped with a paper filter, they are changed every two hours, there are those where a special bactericidal barrier is provided. They can be worn a little longer - about three to five hours. However, if the mask is wet from coughing, sneezing, or breathing, it should be replaced immediately. It is believed that to restore the protective properties of a disposable medical mask can not be any of the known methods of sterilization. The mask cannot be washed, dried and used again. You can only throw it away.

Respiratory mask

A medical mask respirator can protect against infections for up to eight hours, manufacturers say. There are medical masks such as a respirator. They cost several times more expensive than usual - about 200 rubles and above. The effectiveness of such masks is higher than usual, because they fit snugly to the face. Mostly doctors use them, but now because of the outbreak in the world of coronavirus, the demand for them among ordinary people has grown. You need to know that a respirator mask is selected in accordance with the size of the head. It should be firmly fixed on the head, but without pressure on the back of the head and face. If a mask is used by a man, he should be shaved smoothly. “Such masks are very effective,” pharmacists commented in pharmacies, “but there is one“ but. ” It is much harder to breathe through them than in ordinary ones. Long wearing is not recommended; you may feel a shortage of air. ”

Surgical masks

Surgical medical masks are used by hospital staff, laboratory assistants and nurses. Such masks provide a high level of air filtration, have an inner layer and fit snugly to the face. There are three-layer, four-layer and surgical anti-fluid masks with a screen. In addition to the filter, hydrophobic material is sewn into them, which provides protection against the penetration of biological fluids.

The following indicators are used to evaluate the filtering elements of medical masks: respiratory capacity (mask resistance to air flow in pascals), filtration efficiency of 0.1 micron particles in percent. The degree of purification of air passing through all filter layers of the mask also depends on humidity and purity of atmospheric air, duration of use of the mask, physical activity of personnel, etc. Thus, disposable masks based on paper filters must be changed every 2 hours. After use, they must be disposed of. Any sterilization methods do not restore the protective properties of these masks and are more expensive than a new mask.

Medical mask types

By the number of layers: 2-, 3-, 4-layer;
By type of fastening: on ties, on elastic bands, ear elastic loops;
By appointment: surgical, dental, procedural, etc .;
By the presence of special devices: nasal retainer, absorbent strip, additional filter elements, external anti-liquid layer, the presence of a protective screen, etc.

To date, the most affordable and common are medical disposable masks and respirators N95 / KF94 / FFP2.

Characteristics of a three-layer medical mask:

- Effective protection:
Wearing it could effectively block out dust, bacteria, droplets, and air pollution, and then offer oxygen for you to breathe comfortably, protecting your health.
- Breathable and comfortable:
Lightweight design, skin-friendly texture, wearing it even for a long time won't create any fatigue or stress to your skin.
- Elastic earloop style:
Elastic earloop means that our mask could fit any face shape, comfortable to wear, which also helps you take on or off it quickly and easily.
- Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip:
Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip, just press it gently to fit the nose bridge to better seal your face.

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Respirator N95 / KF94 / FFP2 Characteristics:

- Comfortable materials:
The filter of the mask is made of comfortable materials, which can filter almost 95% of airborne particulates, dust, bacteria, seasonal allergies, smoke, automobile exhaust, PM 2.5 pollution will perfectly protect against flu, viruses, dust, etc. Provides better protection than standard disposable masks.
- Lightweight and adjustable:
Lightweight, anti-collapse design, adjustable nose clip when wearing hay fever mask, there will be no fog on the glasses to enhance the sealing effect, which can provide extra comfort.
- No hot inside:
It can reduce the heat accumulation inside the respirator, so that the respirator is cooler and more comfortable, thus providing ideal protection without rubbing / harming your face and cosmetics.
- Effective:
The filter efficiency is higher than 95%. You can adjust the shape to make it fit your face better and increase protection for your face and mouth, blocks bacteria in the air. No need to change new mask frequently.

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WHO: masks cannot be reused

The World Health Organization (WHO) makes clear that disposable masks cannot be reused. The use of tissue or gauze analogues is also prohibited.

The problem is that one product can be worn for no more than 2-3 hours. Then its inner side becomes moist and ideal for the reproduction of bacteria. In this case, the mask must be carefully removed without touching the main external surface and discarded. It turns out that you need at least 3-4 masks per day.

Medical masks can be used once and no more than 2 hours. If you do not have stocks, you can put them on in crowded places: for example, in the subway.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Use face masks to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

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