Jumper EZbook X3 Air Review [coupon included]
Sergio Montana

Jumper EZbook X3 Air Review [coupon included]

Ultrabook with unusual color

Jumper has presented a new ultrabook model called Jumper EZbook X3 Air.

In this article, we will talk about the main features, as well as to conduct some tests and find out what the new ultrabook is capable of in real life.

Technically, you get decent performance with the Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor. Also, the laptop received 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. In addition, the device boasts a compact size and lightweight, and the screen size does not exceed 13.3 inches.

Jumper EZbook X3 Air: Specifications

Display: 13.3 inches IPS Screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels
CPU: Intel Gemini Lake N4100
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 600
Internal memory: 128GB
Memory extension: up to 128GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band and Bluetooth 4.2
Battery: 32.3Wh
OS: Windows 10
Connections: Type-C, 1x USB2.0, 1x USB 3.0 and 3.5mm audio Jack, mini HDMI
Weight: 1.06g
Dimensions: 305 x 198 x 11.5 mm


The first thing I noticed was the color and design. The Jumper EZbook X3 Air has received a light brown color, which is rarely found in other laptop models.

The entire body is made of aluminum alloy and the laptop is assembled quite well and sturdy. The EZbook X3 Air is not just stylish and handsome, but also very light and thin. 

For example, it weighs about 1.06 kg, and the dimensions of the device are 305 x 198 x 11.5 mm. That is, the thickness of the ultrabook is slightly more than that of a modern smartphone.

Also, the company offers free gifts for first 1000 pieces: a protective carrying case-bag and a mouse, which obviously will not be superfluous. You can save $25.

During the test, I was unable to open the lid with one hand. But this is not surprising, since almost all inexpensive laptops cannot handle this.

On the front of the screen, there is a Jumper logo, which, however, does not look bad. It does not really interfere and gives the appearance its own style.

If we talk about the screen, then the Jumper EZbook X3 Air has a 13.3-inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Immediately, I note that the screen does not have touch controls.

As for the quality of the screen itself, it is quite bright and has a good range of colors. At the same time, colors look saturated and contrasting. Of course, using the screen itself in sunny weather outdoors or in direct sunlight will not be very comfortable for your eyes. But this problem also happens in even the most expensive and flagship versions of ultrabooks.

Overall, I liked the screen quality on the EZbook X3 Air for everyday use. During the test, my eyes did not get tired, even after 8 hours of testing.

There is a very thin bezel around the screen with a size of about 6 mm. But here it is worth noting that the laptop has a protrusion on top of the frame where the front camera is located. The camera itself has 1MP resolution and the video call quality isn’t bad.

The keys are also brown, like the case itself and the laptop has only English letters. But no one bothers you to use stickers or make a separate engraving of your native language.

The keys are very responsive when pressed. Also, the size of the keys is standard, and the distance between the keys is large. Thus, while typing, you will not not have accidental clicks.

The touchpad works quite adequately and quickly, I had no problems with it. And the size of the panel is not small, so it will be good for control.

There are main ports on the side ends. For example, on the right side, there is a TF card slot, USB 2.0, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. But on the left side, there is already a charging power port, USB 3.0, mini HDMI port, and Type-C port.

As for a modern ultrabook, there are quite a few external interfaces. 

At the bottom of the case, there are four anti-slip feet and holes for two speakers. The volume level is high and the sound quality is not as bad as an inexpensive laptop. 

The speakers use DTS stereo sound and I want to say that it is one of the best for its segment.

Performance and battery

The Jumper EZbook X3 Air has a decent Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor. Yes, it is not the newest, as it was introduced back in late 2017, but the Gemini Lake N4100 is very popular.

This processor has 14-nanometer technology with a maximum clock speed of 2.4 GHz. Along with this chipset, the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics accelerator.

Inside the case was installed 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, as well as 128 GB of internal eMMC memory. Yes, as the practice has shown, the speed of the built-in memory is not the fastest, such as SSD memory. You can also use a MicroSD card up to 128GB.

Below I will leave a few tests of various benchmarks, where you can compare the results with your laptop.

Immediately, I note that the performance, as for its price, is pretty good and not the worst. For example, I was able to play some simple games like Asphalt 9 and even PUBG Mobile. Of course, the graphics are not the best, but I did not find any delays or other freezes.

First and foremost, this notebook EZbook X3 Air is designed for undemanding tasks. For example, with the work of a text editor, updating or writing information in a blog and other not heavy processes.

Like most other models of inexpensive laptops, the new Jumper model is equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. In terms of functionality, this is the most typical operating system with a multilingual interface.

Also, the laptop has a dual-band WiFi with ac networks, there is also a Bluetooth 4.2 version of the wireless connection.

As for a small ultrabook, the Jumper EZbook X3 Air was equipped with a decent built-in battery of 32.3 Wh or 4250 mAh. The manufacturer guarantees about 7-8 hours of runtime. But in practice, my runtime was slightly less, about 5-6 hours.

Of course, battery life depends on the degree of load, screen brightness, and much more. But even up to 6 hours of work is not a bad indicator. In this case, the time of full charge was about 3 hours.


The Jumper EZbook X3 Air is a very unusual ultrabook that has received a compact size and weight. I also liked the specific brown color of the case, which looks interesting compared to the typical gray colors.

The build quality and materials used are of a high level. Performance for its price is at a pretty good level. Yes, you won’t be able to play heavy and modern games on the EZbook X3 Air. But as for simple and uncomplicated tasks, it will cope with ease.

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Jumper EZbook X3 Air Notebook 13.3inch IPS Screen Intle Gemini Lake N4100 8GB DDR4 128GB eMMC 1.1cm Ultra-thin design Laptop



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