How does the Sensors of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work? VIOMI V2 Pro with 12 Sets of Sensors for More Intelligent Cleaning
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How does the Sensors of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work? VIOMI V2 Pro with 12 Sets of Sensors for More Intelligent Cleaning

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Basic Sensors of Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners are useful appliances that you can have in your home. They are equipped with accessories that allow them to do what you ask it to do without having to interfere with their environment. 

Most robot vacuum cleaners like the VIOMI V2 PRO have a microprocessor that reads sensor signals and relays commands to navigate through its environment. For those who don’t know, Viomi is a subsidiary company of Xiaomi

Having previously released the Roborock S6 (successor to the first generation of mop suction robot) and Mijia 1S, the Chinese company has launched on the market a robot vacuum cleaner. The Viomi V2 Pro is equipped with 12 sets of multidirectional sensors, including an LDS laser ranging sensor. These important components are meant to make cleaning your home a more comfortable task for you. 

Unique Features

▶ LDS Laser mapping
▶ Smarter Zoned Cleaning
▶ Resuming sweeping at breakpoints
▶ Intelligent electronics water control
▶ 560ml large volume water tank
▶ 2150aPa super strong suction
▶ 3200mah battery capacity

Introduction to VIOMI V2 Pro’s Sensors

The VIOMI V2 Pro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an all-purpose robot vacuum cleaner that performs sweeping, mopping, and smart planning tasks efficiently. This round-shaped unit comes with exciting features, including the Omnidirectional wheels, Lidar sensor, detachable dirt bin, V-shaped rolling brush, and so on.

However, one major highlight of the Viomi V2 Vacuum Cleaner is the 12 sets of sensors that aid more intelligent cleaning. While other features are important, we’ll focus more on the 12 sets of sensors embedded in the Viomi V2 Pro. They are: 

1. LDS Laser Ranging sensor
2. Water tank in-position sensor
3. Dust box in-position sensor
4. Gyro
5. Accelerometer
6. Collision sensor touch switch
7. Recharge sensor
8. Cliff sensor
9. Electronic compass sensor
10. Odometer
11. Mop in-position sensor
12. Fan speed sensor

How Does Every Sensor Work?

Each of these sensors sends out and receives signals to the unit before performing specific tasks as programmed. They are sensitive to various complex environments and can formulate an optimal cleaning plan in different environments.

So how does every sensor work? Below is a breakdown:

Right above the unit, you’ll find the LDS Sensor. LDS is an active remote sensing system that can measure height across wide areas. Through the Laser Distance Sensor, the Viomi V2 Pro scans the room and creates a room map on which it outlines the furniture and other obstacles, then efficiently navigate an entire level of your home and keep track of its location.

The Viomi V2 Pro comes with a massive 560ml large volume water tank, so the addition of a water tank-in position sensor enables the unit to detect water level and interfaces between liquids such as water and oil. Very close to the Viomi logo hides a dust box in-position sensor. This sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment and triggers a repeat vacuuming cycle over a very dirty area.

Still, above the unit, you’ll find the Gyroscope and Accelerometer. Gyroscope uses the principle of the rigidity of space to determine the angular position of a room while the 3-axis accelerometer gives users a direction of gravity in the robot vacuum cleaner, enabling it to measure proper acceleration.

Around the 3-axis digital accelerometer lies the Electronic compass sensor. The E-compass sensor in the Viomi V2 Pro is designed to accurately detect the direction and magnitude of external magnetic fields to ensure a very accurate compass heading when in motion.

The collision sensor touch switch, located beside the robot, detects the absence of surface and guides the unit on how to navigate while the recharge sensor improves charging capability for wireless chargers.

You’d expect your robot vacuum cleaner to move from one point to another when performing its function. Viomi V2 Pro is equipped with an odometer (located around the omnidirectional wheels) used to measure the distance traveled by the robot vacuum cleaner.

Other sensors include the cliff Sensors, which are responsible for identifying walls/stairs, retracting (if necessary) else, clean that particular area very closely. The fan speed sensor is used to determine if the fan is running and also to maintain a balanced speed within the engine while the mop in-position sensor helps to identify any obstacles in the path. 

They are activated upon hitting any obstacle and then send commands to the unit on what to do – whether to slightly rotate, back up or move forward. 


Viomi B2 Pro provides great power, reliability, and ensures excellent cleaning without intervention. However, it is the 12 sets of sensors that make it really special. With these components, the robot vacuum cleaner will be able to accurately determine the environment to avoid obstacles and protect your furniture while cleaning. 

No doubt, the Viomi V2 Pro is one of the new generations of vacuum cleaners with premium equipment. 

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000

Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020 

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