Haylou T16 Review
Sergio Montana

Haylou T16 Review

TWS earbuds with ANC.

Today I want to share with you my impressions of the new model called Haylou T16.

You guessed it from the title of the article that the Haylou T16 is a wireless earbud with ANC support (active noise-canceling). Other useful features I can include are water resistance, ergonomic and compact design, touch control, good battery life, and wireless charging of the box.

So let me start a detailed review of the Haylou T16.

Haylou T16: Specifications

Impedance: 16 ohms
Driver unit: 6 mm Dynamic driver
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: AAC and SBC
Battery: 50(300)mAh
Charging Time: 120min
Connections: Type-C
Weight: 5.3(37)grams
Music Time: 20h

In the box

Inside the box, there are the earbuds themselves and a charging box, as well as a manual in English with a QR code for downloading the app. Plus, the package includes a Type-C charging cable and ear tips of various sizes.

Of course, the quality of the materials of the components is not the highest, but given its low cost, I see no reason to complain.


Haylou T16 – the main difference over other models of earbuds with active noise canceling function is its ergonomic design.

The dimensions of one earbud are 24 x 21 mm and weigh about 5.3 grams. As my practice has shown, in terms of size and weight, the T16 model very much resembles the appearance and design of Edifier earbuds from the TWS series.

For my ears, the Haylou T16 earbuds fit very well, the weight is practically not felt and they sit firmly in the ear canal. 

Of course, you won’t listen to music for hours, but it will be just right for playing sports or listening to music during the trip to work and study.

I want to note that the earbuds have water protection and this is IPX5. It will help from the rain.

I have no complaints about the build quality. And the matte plastic used is well suited for our everyday reality with good wear resistance. That is, the plastic is not easily soiled and does not leave fingerprints.

On the outside of the earbuds, the company logo is indicated, which serves as a touchpad for control. On the side edge, there is an LED indicator of work.

On the opposite side of the case, there are two charging contacts with a channel designation. The sound guide itself is of the correct ear shape in terms of anatomy and sits very comfortably in the ear opening.

The charging box is made of the same matte black plastic as the earbuds themselves. The lid opens thanks to a magnetic connection, and I did not find any strong backlash.

On the front, there is an LED indicator, and on the back, there is a Type-C port for charging. But I want to note that fast charging is not provided.

In general, the appearance is very simple, but as for everyday use, the earbuds are very comfortable and practical.

Connection and control

Haylou T16 uses Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection to connect. The earbuds received AAC and SBC audio codecs on board. In general, earbuds are connected in a typical way, like most wireless earbuds in this class.

As for the proprietary application, it can be installed via a QR code from the manual or the box. Or just download it from the Play or App Store. The application is simply called Haylou.

In the app itself, you will be able to change the touchpad control functions. Also, receive important updates and other features.

As for the controls, I did not have any comments about the touch control, and about the functionality itself either. The earbuds can call the voice assistant, adjust the volume, switch tracks and play or pause.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of a game mode, in which there is practically no lag in games. In general, the call quality is good and the signal is stable and free of any interference.

Sound and microphone quality

I did not find any information about the driver’s size inside the Haylou T16 earbuds. But according to my assumption, this is size from 6 to 8 mm.
I have no complaints about the sound quality and if you want a strong and pleasant sound with good bass then the T16 is a good choice.

I also want to note that if the low frequencies play well, then the mid frequencies lack detail. As for the high frequencies, everything is fine here and even at a high volume level, the sound quality did not deteriorate and the sound itself did not wheeze.

Active noise cancellation does its job 100% perfectly. Yes, if you compare its work with more flagship brands such as Apple or Sony, then ANC does not work as well as we would like.

Again, given its price tag, it’s hard to find other earbuds with similar audio sound.

Even the quality of the microphone made me happy, given its shape. The interlocutors heard me well, and this is in noisy and loud places.


Each earbud has a 50 mAh battery capacity, which will be enough for listening to up to 6 hours of music, according to the manufacturer.

In my practice, Haylou T16 worked for about 5 hours at 50% volume without ANC activated. And with the ANC turned on, the headphones worked for about 3.5 hours.

But the charging time of the earbuds was 2 hours and this is quite long, given the presence of a Type-C port.


Haylou T16 is one of the best wireless active noise-canceling earbuds with an adequate price tag.

Yes, of course, the sound quality is not the most ideal when it comes to midrange. But overall, these are dynamic and energetic earbuds that will definitely rock you.

The build quality and materials used are the same as the budget wireless earbuds from Haylou. I can also say about a comfortable fit.

HAYLOU T16 TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 ANC Noise Reduction Earphones Wearing Detection 32 Hours Battery Life Wireless Charging Headphones



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