Kittenbot Meowbit: A Card-sized Retro Game Console That You Can Program & Make Your Own Games
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Kittenbot Meowbit: A Card-sized Retro Game Console That You Can Program & Make Your Own Games

“I feel in a daze and get tired of learning programming languages.” “It’s tedious and difficult to master.” Many adults complain about programming after they decide to learn. Most quit either due to short interest, in lack of time, and great difficulty. 

It is even more difficult for kids to be interested in it, and study further, right?

Now, the problem doesn’t exist, because you can learn to program by playing games.

Incredible, right? You can take advantage of KittenBot Meowbit, a codable game console. It’s a recommended hardware for Microsoft MakeCode Arcade.

What’s MakeCode Arcade? 

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade is a code editor intended for beginners and seasoned programmers. With it, you can create retro arcade games for the web and microcontrollers effortlessly. 

You don’t have to learn the codes by heart but put together the blocks in a logical order. Then, you can test the programs, download, and run them! Nothing is easier! Even little kids can program without the slightest difficulty.

Is Meowbit A Good Choice? 

The 40-pin interface of Meowbit is compatible with all expansion boards from KittenBot, including Robobit, iobit, and Micro:bit. Meowbit can work with all kinds of sensors and servos. Its performance is superior to Micro:bit.

Check out the comparison below!

What Can Meowbit Do?

As you can see, Meowbit is both a game console and a development board for infinite possibilities. 

You can enjoy as many games as you want, build numerous robots, automatic control systems, and smart devices. You will never get bored, but enjoy programming with this cute thing!

How To Program Easily?

At first, let’s watch the official video.

In the video, Meowbit serves as a timer for making a cup of tea. By using MakeCode Arcade, you can achieve in programming immediately. Amazingly, you don’t need to type in any code. Just by putting the blocks together, you can finish developing a game, making a video loop, etc.

After going through tutorials on GitHub, and KittenBot official website, you can get started! Have a good time!

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Kittenbot Meowbit Card-sized Retro Game Computer Console



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