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Incredible full HD projector for only $220.

The budget projectors with native Full HD resolution are rare in the mobile device market, but today we would like to talk about a new model called VIVIBRIGHT F30UP in our review.

What features has this projector? Of course, native Full HD resolution, sufficient brightness of 4200 lumens, screen projection size from 60 to 300 inches, Amlogic S905X processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory and Android 6.01 control.

Given its low price – you get very fantastic specifications, like for a budget projector.

VIVIBRIGHT F30UP: Specifications

Display Technology: LCD
Contrast: 15000:1
Screen aspect ratio: 1.38:1
Native resolution: 1920 by 1080 Pixels
Brightness: 4200 lumen
Projection screen size: 60-300 inches
Video Formats: 4K, 1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Lamp Life: 50.000 Hours
Size: 295 x 245 x 90 mm
Weight: 2680 grams

VIVIBRIGHT F30UP: In the box

On the front part of the box there is a projector with a name and main features.

The projector itself is well packed inside the box thanks to the foam. 

Also you will find – a manual in English, a rag for wiping the lens, remote control, and a power cable.

In general, the equipment is standard, but given its price, you will not get more equipment and additional accessories.


The appearance of the VIVIBRIGHT F30UP projector is standard, like most projectors in this segment.

The device is made of gray plastic and I would like to note that the plastic itself is not very high quality and creaks in hand, which is not even surprising at this price.

In terms of size, the projector received dimensions of 295.0 x 245.0 x 90.0 mm and a weight of 2.68 kg.

On the front side, there is a lens, an infrared port for remote control and the company logo.

On the left side of the case, there are ventilation holes for cooling and two rings for adjusting the focus and angle of the wall.

On the back, you can see the control buttons, they are the same as on the remote control. 

Also at the bottom of the power relay is a port for the power adapter. And a little higher is another infrared port, 3.5 mm audio jack, Ethernet port, SPDIF, HDMI port and two USB ports for external media.

On the right side, there is the main speaker for playing music and sound.

The lower part of the VIVIBRIGHT F30UP projector received four rubber feet around the perimeter, holes for attaching the bracket to the ceiling and a foot for changing the angle of inclination.

In general, the new model of the VIVIBRIGHT F30UP projector is not surprising at all, but the build quality would be a little better. Of the pluses, it has a large number of ports for connecting third-party devices.

VIVIBRIGHT F30UP: Performance and image quality

Let’s talk about the specs of the VIVIBRIGHT F30UP projector. As we already mentioned, the Amlogic S905X processor was installed inside the case, which does its job flawlessly. There is also 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

The device runs on the operating system Android 6.01. There is a drawback in the user interface, since the OS is outdated and it will be problematic to run some programs and games.

The main menu displays the following sections – Featured applications, Settings, and All applications.

In the settings section, you can connect to a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connection, select a language, reset all settings and much more.

In the entire application section, I see a non-customized Play Store, Browser, Music, and many other application icons.

The manufacturer indicates a maximum brightness of 4200 lumens, and as experience shows, at 100 inches the brightness will be enough even in the daytime.

The contrast is also an important indicator, and the VIVIBRIGHT F30UP projector got a value of 15000: 1.

After the test with PS4 via HDMI, we can conclude that the VIVIBRIGHT projector is playable and you can safely play your favorite games on the big screen.

The picture quality on the projection screen is pretty good, the colors are natural and realistic. In the corners, there were no graininess or blur, the focus was set correctly on the entire surface of the screen.

Another drawback is the loud noise of coolers that cool the projector. At a distance of half a meter, the noise is about 50 dB and it is really loud.
The built-in speaker is quite loud, but it is not enought a quality one. If you want a really good sound, then you will need to connect separate speakers.

VIVIBRIGHT F30UP: Conclusions 

The budget projector VIVIBRIGHT F30UP showed itself on the positive side. A high-quality picture will be guaranteed thanks to the native Full HD resolution, as well as brightness at a decent level even in the daytime.

Among the shortcomings is the outdated operating system, but you can connect a TV box to solve this problem and a lot of noise from coolers.

Other options and features of projectors with good indicators are performance and projection image quality.

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