Why Do You Need a Water Quality Detector? Health Care under $45! Use Bilikay W1 Pro Spectral Water Quality Detector!
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Why Do You Need a Water Quality Detector? Health Care under $45! Use Bilikay W1 Pro Spectral Water Quality Detector!

Are you sure the water you are drinking at your home or outdoor is really clean? Drinking healthy water is extremely important to enjoy the highest level of quality living. 

There are so many water-borne diseases that can affect your health if you do not drink healthy and clean water. However, it is difficult to tell whether the water is clean when it appears clean. As a result, it is imperative to determine whether or not the drinking water is up to the standard. 

Why do you need a water quality detector?

A water quality detector is to measure and track various water parameters, such as dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, and temperature

Water that seemingly looks clean might consist of multiple kinds of bacteria, microbial, and rust particles that can affect your health. By using a quality water detector, you can conveniently check for total dissolved solids, total organic carbon, and chemical oxygen demand in the water. 

Additionally, when you are on an outdoor adventure, the water quality detector will tell you whether the outdoor water is safe to drink. It will alert you when the filter has expired and needs replacement by checking the quality of water. 

It will tell you whether the water meets the standard, or some precautionary measures are required. A water quality detector will tell you everything and ensure that you drink healthy and clean drinking water. 

Irreplaceable Superiority

The Bilikay W1 Pro is a 3-in-1 water quality detector that offers information on the TDS, TOC, and COD level of the water that you are drinking. It tells you everything about the drinking water that you must know within a few seconds. 

It offers real-time protection for taking care of your family health. The water quality detector provides accurate details on the quality of water and ensures that you are not drinking harmful contaminated water over a long period. 

The device is easy to operate and portable. Thus, you can use it anywhere, anytime for checking the quality of your drinking water. It is easy to clean and completely water-proof. 

It comes with a large screen display that tells you about the quality of water and has a durable dust cover. It has a battery of 200 mAh and can be recharged using the USB cable. It provides four different water quality grades. 

These include very good, good, general and unqualified. And all of these, at an affordable price. You can ensure the quality of your family health for under $45


The 3-in-1 water quality detector can be used at home to check the quality of domestic water supply and whether it is clean enough to drink. You can even make use of the device to periodically check if the water filter at your home is working or has expired. 

The device can also be used during your adventurous trip on mountains and at your office to validate if the water quality is up to the standard, as required. 


Clean drinking water is essential for good quality of living. The water you are drinking can seemingly look clean but might be contaminated with hummus and other water dissolved solids. Thus, using the Bilikay W1 Pro water quality detector, you can be assured that you are drinking safe and clean water. 

You can buy the device from Gearbest, which is currently on sale and is available at an attractive price of $43.99. Check the water detector before the sale ends and ensure healthy drinking water for your family.

Bilikay W1 Pro Spectral Water Quality Detector 3 in 1 TOC / COD / TDS



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