Put Music Into A Beverage Bottle, And Have Fun With The Perfect Sound!
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Put Music Into A Beverage Bottle, And Have Fun With The Perfect Sound!

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Here comes a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker. 

Well, it is not just a bottle, but a magical one!

Do you know that a bottle can generate great sounds? 

With Bluetooth 4.1, 30 hours long battery life, “bottle” speaker, built-in microphone, extra bass, and various colors, your daily life can’t be dull.

Here comes the new way to play music. Add beautiful songs and colors to your life!

Connect the bottle to the speaker, and you can enjoy double bass! 

By using the container and the air inside, Sodapop can improve the volume of extra bass by 10 decibels.

The water inside will also dance to the rhythm as if putting you instantly to the fantastic beach of the Aegean Sea.


I’m sure that you’re impressed by its miraculous music effect and powerful water splashes.

Add water, powder, and coke to your bottle! 

You’re sure to be the most eye-catching guy as you hold the music speaker.

Don’t throw away the bottle after using it! The screw thread on the speaker is compatible with most common beverage bottles. 

So, are you excited now? Just connect, and you’ll get a different speaker!

The speaker is lightweight and portable, so you’ll enjoy traveling with it. 

It is solid and impact-resistant, so it won’t be damaged after slipping away accidentally. 

How beautiful and unique they are! 

These Bluetooth speakers in refreshing colors, like Macarons! They are like a breeze, as pleasant as the sea wind in summer.

What are in the box? 

A Sodapop Bluetooth speaker, a bottle, a Micro USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a quick start guide.

Wait! The product is still being crowdfunded - it’s not available for sale yet. 

However, we’ll follow it for you! 

Have a glance at the specs, and you’ll be looking forward to it.

Product Specifications:

Bluetooth version: 4.1 Qualcomm

Protocol: A2DPV1,2, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2

Decoding: SBC, MP3, AAC

Speaker: 2 x 45mm 4W 4ohm

Output power: 10W RMS

Frequency response: 180Hz - 20kHz

SNR: ≥80dB

Battery: 3.7V 1600mAh

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Music time: up to 30 hours

Speaker size: 60 x 97 x 60mm

Bottle size: 73 x 155 x 73mm

Total weight: 340g (speaker: 200g)

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