Redmi AirDots Review.
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Redmi AirDots Review.

Budget true wireless earphones from Xiaomi.

The company Xiaomi is modern trends like many top and popular companies. For example, as in the Galaxy series of Samsung smartphones with their own wireless Galaxy Buds earphones.

Therefore, Xiaomi introduced the new true wireless earphones under the name of the Redmi line, as Samsung did in the Galaxy line.

Redmi AirDots is the wireless earphones, which received pretty good reviews for their price. Let’s begin our review.

Redmi AirDots: Specifications

Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver unit: 7.2mm
Connectivity: Wireless
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: HFP/A2DP, HSP/AVRCP
Battery: 300mAh
Charging Time: 2h
Connections: Micro USB
Weight: 35.4 grams
Dimensions: 26.65 x 16.4 x 21.6 mm
Music Time: 4h

Redmi AirDots: Design 

Redmi AirDots are only available in black. It received 62 x 40 x 27.2 mm and 35.4 grams of total weight, the earphones themselves are small and weighing 4.1 grams.

The case as an earphone as a charging case is made of durable plastic. On the upper side of the case, you can find Mi company logo.
The charge indicator of wireless earphones located in front of the case. You can also use it to determine how much battery capacity is left in the charging case.

On the back of the case, we see the Micro USB charging port. Do not expect fast charging with a Type-C port for this price.

The charging case opens and closes very tightly with a click, as it did in the first generation of wireless earphones Mi AirDots.

Inside the case, you can see oval-shaped true wireless earphones, also black in color as the case itself. The earphones keep perfectly with the help of magnets, so falling out of the case will be almost impossible.

There are no buttons on the front side, and only touch controls. Also, the control is very responsive and convenient, even when the headset is in your ear. 

Comfortable oval shape fits well in the ear. With Redmi AirDots earphones, you can easily run or do any kind of physical activity without any problems. But still more than 1 hour, your ears can get tired. 

In general, for their price, true wireless earphones Redmi AirDots received high-quality and proven design. 

Redmi AirDots: Connection

Connecting Redmi AirDots to your smartphone will be actually very simple. The earphones can connected via Bluetooth to any smartphone.

The fact is that as soon as you take the earphones out of the charging case, they immediately go into pairing mode. So they are immediately visible in the search for Bluetooth on any mobile device.

After establishing a connection with one side of the earphone, you can immediately connect the other side of the earphone by pressing the touch button and simultaneously hear music on both sides of the wireless earphones.

Initially, it takes some time to figure out exactly how they should fit in your ear. Once you understand this, they simply enter and exit. It looks a bit strange, Redmi AirDots is a bit bulging, and it will look very unusual in your ear.

Redmi AirDots: Performance

The Redmi AirDots earphones work via a wireless connection of Bluetooth version 5.0.

According to official data, Redmi AirDots wireless earphones are equipped with a Raychem 8763 microcircuit. Compared with the previous generation Bluetooth 4.2 version, it optimizes various functions, for example, in a strong signal quality ratio.

Therefore, Redmi AirDots in the analisis has a stable communication signal up to 10 meters. During our testing in a radius of 10 meters, there were no any interference or delays. The music and video played smoothly.

To improve call quality, the Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headset implements a two-way call feature. Also present in the earphones high-speed digital noise reduction DSP. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite music in noisy and crowded places.

The capacity of the battery in one of the earphones is 40mAh. You can also charge earphones using a charging case with a 300mAh battery capacity. 

Redmi AirDots: Sound

Just want to note that this is a budget earphones with a price tag of about $20, so it is difficult to expect high-quality sound. 

The medium and high tones are more than acceptable for earphones of this category, low heights are more powerful characteristics. Therefore, the bass in the Redmi AirDots earphones is very decent when you listen to music. But do not expect flawless bass from wireless earphones in this price range. If you want to use them as a true audiophile, then you will have to make another choice.

Redmi AirDots: Battery

Another important point of true wireless earphones, such as Redmi AirDots, is battery life. According to the manufacturer, the earphones can work for about 4 hours.

In test we got up to 3.5 hours with one battery charging, after which they had to be charged in a charging case.

When the battery is discharged in the earphones, you will hear a beep in your ear. It will be repeated three times with a break of several minutes, after which the wireless earphones are automatically turned off.

Redmi AirDots can be charged in the charging case several times so that you can listen to your music for a quite a long time of about 12 hours. Therefore, the battery life will not disappoint you.

Redmi AirDots: Conclusions

With Redmi AirDots you can buy good and interesting true wireless earphones that are comfortable to wear when running or exercising in the gym.

The sound quality is acceptable when it comes to wireless earphones of this class.

The quality of the assembly and materials is very pleased. But if you are a real music lover and you need very high-quality sound with good detail of musical instruments, then you should pay attention to more expensive models.

Original Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Ture Wireless Headset Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earbuds Mini In-ear Headphones with Charging Box



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