Prevent Smelly Shoes! Easily By Putting In This Magical Ball For Sterilization And Odor Removal. It's A Must-have For Lazy Folks!
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Prevent Smelly Shoes! Easily By Putting In This Magical Ball For Sterilization And Odor Removal. It's A Must-have For Lazy Folks!

Many handsome guys and gorgeous ladies are good at dressing up. They look tidy and attractive, impressing people around them.

Sometimes, they are quite embarrassed, for example, their shoes stink after they walk in the rain, or their feet sweet a lot. 

No matter how often shoes are washed, there is always a little smell left.

In particular, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, you're more likely to be troubled with smelly feet, because the feet stay in the stuffy shoes for too long. 

Therefore, only by sterilizing/deodorizing them regularly, can you get rid of the smell. 

Today, I would like to recommend an easy-to-use product. It can help you out! Feel no longer awkward from now on!

Clean-n-Fresh Shoe Deodorizer Ball from Xiaomi Youpin

Reasons why I recommend it: 

- A must-have for lazy folk, convenient for sterilizing and deodorizing shoes

- Up to 99% biocidal efficiency in treating stinky feet 

- Chemical-free for safe odor removal

- Small and portable, space-saving

- Great value for money, six balls/box. One single ball can work for 45 days

◎ With easy-to-use rotary knob, ideal for lazy people

The product is a must-have for lazy people because it is convenient to use! 

Just rotate to turn it on, and place it in your shoes. The shoes won't stink on the next day, even after you play basketball for hours.

Turn it off after use, and you'll be able to use them again later on.

If you don't want to wash shoes, you can keep them in your shoes. Generally, the smell will be gone overnight.

Such a design is to diffuse the fragrance while avoiding direct contact with the shoes. Unlike foot odor control powder, it doesn't require you to clean shoes after use.

Shoes will give off fragrance and smell like Safeguard. The smell is fresh and natural, very pleasant!

◎Fresh fragrance after effective sterilization

The deodorizer ball doesn't cover up the smell but sterilizes directly, arming at the origin of the problem. It is owed to the cotton ball inside that it can disinfect shoes.

This is because the cotton ball contains abundant tea polyphenols, effectively killing 99% of bacteria which live on the sweat. Furthermore, the cotton ball can absorb odors. Thus, it can sterilize and deodorize the shoes effectively, preventing stinky feet in the long run!

◎Chemical-free for safe odor removal

It consists of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, free of chemicals.

Approved by authoritative institutions through testing, the deodorizer ball can remove up to 99% bacteria while being harmless to human beings. Worry-free use is guaranteed!

◎Simple and nice-looking for wide application

Like its fragrance, it looks fresh and simple, matching well with every item.

Not only can you put in your shoes, but also anywhere that you want to deodorize and prevent the growth of bacteria.

For example, you can put it in a big shoe storage cabinet, or in the wardrobe to sterilize clothes, making them smell amazing.   

Put one in a small box, and put it in the bathroom, you'll get rid of the sewer smell as well as and musty odors. 

It can be applied to anywhere damp and smelly, just like air fresheners. What's more, it helps to avoid bacteria from growing and spreading.

◎Small and portable, it takes up little space

It is as big as a ping-pong ball, barely taking up any space.

You can put it in your bag before you go out, and you won't be afraid of sweat and stink while doing sports.

It can be put into shoes in different sizes for fast and thorough removal of the terrible odor.

This is the most convenient way to deodorize shoes that aren't easy to clean, including thigh-high boots, Dr. Martens boots, and so on. 

◎Cost-effective: 6 deodorizers per box. One can work for 45 days  

Each ball can work effectively for up to 45 days. There are a total of 6 deodorizer balls in a box. By using two deodorizers simultaneously, a box can serve you for 135 days! 

Thus, it costs only $0.25 a day. Is there anything more affordable than it? 

Purchase two boxes at a time, so your family members' feet will smell good! You won't be worried about rainy days, too! I highly recommend it!


1. Place the product in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. 

2. Place the product out of reach for children and pets. 

3. In case of accidental ingestion, please see a doctor in time.

Clean-n-Fresh Shoes Deodorant Balls from Xiaomi Youpin 6pcs



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