Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition Powered by 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, Starting at just $789.99
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Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition Powered by 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, Starting at just $789.99

Apart from the 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition offers more color options.

In May 2019, Redmi officially launched the first notebook, RedmiBook 14 after its independence from Xiaomi. 

The product strategy of RedmiBook 14 is the same as the Redmi smartphones, i.e., targeting the cost-performance ratio. 

Because its price starts at only $789.99, the notebook is more competitive than other ones with basically the same configurations.

After a few months, on the launch event of Redmi Note 8, apart from the protagonist, the new RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition was released. Compared with RedmiBook 14, it features the upgraded processor and new color options. 

Let's go into more details.

Offering A New Color of Snowy Pink, But No Camera

The overall appearance of RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition hasn't been changed too much. On the left of the outer side, "Redmi·Designed BY XIAOMI" is prominent in the center. Of course, you can't tell these two notebooks apart at a glance.

The difference is that the latest notebook brings more color options to us. 

As RedmiBook 14 is only available in silver, RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition offers another two colors, i.e., gray and pink.

Generally, silver and gray are suitable for men, or more specifically, businesspeople; whereas, pink is better for girls, which is less formal.

In terms of material, like RedmiBook 14, the enhanced edition features a metal body. The polished surface feels exquisite, resistant to fingerprint for ease of maintenance. 

Additionally, although with upgraded hardware, its weight remains 1.5kg. 

The display remains the same as the previous generation. It features the bezel-less design, with either border 5.75mm wide, 81.2% screen-to-body ratio. The screen is 14-inch, with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178-degree viewing angle, 250 nits. 

Considering the cost, RedmiBook 14 isn't integrated with a front camera, so as the enhanced edition. If you barely need video chats, it makes no difference to the regular use.

However, if you rely on the camera of your notebook for video chats, RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition might be somewhat inconvenient for you. 

It is suggested that you make sure of your habits before the purchase.

Abundant Ports and Convenient Unlocking

The side where the keyboard is located looks as simple as the overall notebook. The keyboard and the touchpad take up most space, and there is no special decoration. 

What's worth mentioning is that the new product isn't incorporated with fingerprint unlocking, but it supports Smart Unlock 2.0. After you install the latest upgrades for Mi Band 3 and pair it with the notebook, you can use it for fast unlocking. It makes up for the lack of fingerprint unlocking to some extent. 

The travel distance of the keys is 1.3mm. As for me, the tensile strength is slightly weak. When typing, you can find that the surface of the keys will be a little lower than the metal frame. 

In general, it accords with the mainstream level of notebooks. 

You should notice that RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition doesn't have a backlit keyboard, either. 

What's more, the on/off button is at the right top corner of the keyboard. The Delete button is on its left side. 

As a consequence, you'll inevitably touch the on/off switch by mistake from the beginning.

As for most notebooks, the extensibility is sacrificed for better portability. 

Easier to carry as they are, these notebooks are inconvenient in actual use.

RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition has extensibility as excellent as the previous generation, by providing two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI interface on the left, a USB 2.0 port and a 2-in-1 headphone/microphone jack on the right. 

It's a pity that it isn't equipped with USB Type-C interface. Currently, most devices only have the standard USB interface, but in the long run, the USB Type-C port is necessary.

I'm looking forward to the improvement in the next-generation.

Upgraded to 10th Gen Intel Core Processor with NVIDIA MX250 Dedicated Graphics 

Compared with its predecessor, the most significant improvement of RedmiBook 14 is the processor. The 10th Gen Intel Core processor is in use. 

Three options of configurations are provided, including i5-10210U+8GB+256GB SSD, i5-10210U+8GB+512GB SSD, and i7-10510U+8GB+512GB SSD.

At the beginning of August, Intel officially announced the related information of its 10th Gen Core processors, codenamed Ice Lake. There are eleven 10nm 10th Gen CPUs in the first batch, falling into U Series and Y Series, namely, the low-power and ultra-low-power Series.

The U Series includes six models: i7-1068G7, i7-1065G7, i5-1035G7, i5-1035G4, i5-1035G1, and i3-1005G1; while the Y Series consists of five models: i7-1060G7, i5-1030G7, i5-1030G4, i3-1000G4, and i3-1000G1.

However, according to the official statement, computers powered by these processors will be launched by Christmas. Later, Intel announced the second batch of 10th Gen Core processors, 14nm++ CPUs, codenamed Comet Lake. The suffixes of these models are the same as those of U and Y Series. 

The 10th Gen Core processor that RedmiBook 14 uses is Comet Lake CPU which supports WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. What I've got is the i5-10210U version, with a TDP of just 15W, the main frequency of 1.6GHz, 4.2GHz Turbo Boost. It outperforms the i5-8265U CPU. 

Besides, RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition doesn't provide versions with integrated graphics, because all are equipped with NVIDIA MX250 dedicated graphics. 

The image processing performance of MX250 is better than MX150, which is competent to deal with tasks in office work and entertainment. 

RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition and RedmiBook 14 have the same cooling system. The heat dissipation holes are next to the rotary shaft. 

On the bottom of the notebooks, the air inlet is large. Even after running Photoshop for an hour, you can feel that the temperature is slightly higher. In short, the performance is satisfying.

A Highly Cost-effective Ultrabook Starting at $789.99

Based on all advantages of RedmiBook 14, RedmiBook 14 Enhanced Edition has been improved by the latest Intel Core processor. Meanwhile, it provides you with more color options.

More surprisingly, although with an upgraded processor, its price still starts at $789.99, which is attractive to those who want to buy a decent notebook with high performance on a budget.

If you are not too demanding on the performance, it is recommended to go for the version with i5 processor+8GB+512GB SSD priced at $889.99, which is more than satisfying for daily needs.

Of course, you can choose a better version for yourself according to your budget and your demands. Currently, the product is available online. If you're interested in it, please visit Gearbest.

Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 inch Laptop Notebook Enhanced Edition



Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 inch Laptop Notebook Enhanced Edition



Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 inch Notebook Laptop Enhanced Edition



Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 inch Laptop FHD Notebook Enhanced Edition



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