Apple News : New Iphones will Be Produced In India And Updates Of Apple Earbuds

Apple News : New Iphones will Be Produced In India And Updates Of Apple Earbuds

Apple plans to transfer 20% of iPhone production lines from China to India, according to a new report

According to a new report from The Economic Times, Apple executives have met with senior officials of the Indian government to explore the possibility of moving a large portion of Apple's product lines for iPhones from China to India. This could raise manufacturing revenues to up to $ 40 billion over the next five years, according to officials familiar with the matter.

“We expect Apple to produce up to $ 40 billion in smartphones, most of which are export-oriented through contract manufacturers like Wistron and Foxconn, and take advantage of the benefits under a production-related incentive scheme.”

Apple does not necessarily have a large market in India. According to officials, Apple wants India to be a new manufacturing base through which it exports its smartphones to the rest of the world to reduce its dependence on China. Reports indicate that up to 20 percent of Apple's iPhone production could be transferred to India.

The Indian official expects smart phone exports to exceed $ 100 billion by the year 2025. From 2019 to 2020, smartphone exports outside India were around $ 3 billion. Apple already produces some iPhone XR units in India through the help of Foxconn, while it was producing the first generation iPhone SE and iPhone 6S and iPhone in India through the use of Wistron, but all three of these smartphones have now been discontinued and Apple is no longer It produces it.

Another report suggests the arrival of the third generation of AirPods in 2021

Earlier this year, some reports suggested that Apple plans to launch new earphones that are part of the AirPods Series lineup later this year. However, a new report has now appeared saying that the AirPods lineup will not be updated this year.

This new report says that  Apple will launch the third generation of AirPods in 2021 only due to the pandemic of COVID-19. It is worth noting that this is in line with a previous report that hinted that Apple will not start producing these wireless earphones until the first half of next year, and also indicated that the changes will be largely limited to internal hardware and that Apple will not touch the design of the earphones at all .

We are not sure what kind of changes Apple will make, but we should monitor the situation. As for the second generation of AirPods Pro headphones, it may arrive later as production is likely to start in the fourth quarter of 2021 or early 2022, which means that potential customers will have to wait for a very long time.

It was rumored in the recent period that Apple is preparing to launch the AirPods X headphones last March, but this did not happen of course, but the prominent Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously confirmed that  there is a misunderstanding so that it is believed that these headphones do not belong to the AirPods Series lineup , But is part of the Beats lineup, and this is in line with new reports and the official absence of these headphones so far.

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