Dyson Patent Integrates An Air Purifier with Headphones Because Air Pollution Is Bad? 
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Dyson Patent Integrates An Air Purifier with Headphones Because Air Pollution Is Bad? 

If the Dyson headphones integrated are mass-produced, they will be an excellent choice for those who like going out. 

In recent years, smog is frequently mentioned as it is hazardous in various aspects, including damaging the respiratory system. The smog is classified as one of the severe weather phenomena. That's the reason why the sales of air purifiers are increasing. Because of the huge market potential, many companies become the manufacturer of such devices. 

When you search for the air purifier online, you can see miscellaneous products that are bulky, more suitable for home use, or the workplace. The choices are limited for those who go out often.

So here comes Dyson targeting the niche market. 

Before this, Dyson has released Pure Cool purifying fans. However, they are fans in nature and work less effectively as air purifiers at the same price.

In July 2019, Dyson submitted a new patent application to the UK Intellectual Property Office. They combine the air purifier and a pair of headphones. As we can see from the photo, the product consists of two parts. 

The main part is common over-ear headphones. The other part is a specially designed band for breathing. 

The band connects the two ear cups, and you can freely adjust its position. You need to put it down before use and fold it when it is not in use. 

The band can be operated in the same way as an independent microphone on the headphones. The band can be placed on the headband, which won't lead to any inconvenience to the use of the headphones. 

According to the patent description, air filters will be put into the ear cups. The built-in motor can absorb about 1.4L air per second at a speed of 12,000rpm. Nonetheless, the actual purification effect is still unknown.

It's worth noticing that noise is a problem when the motor is rotating at 100% speed. In such a condition, how can Dyson realize the purification effect without sacrificing the acoustic experience? 

Quite a few manufacturers have launched wearable air purifiers before Dyson, for example, the Airvida wearable air purifier. 

Like a neckband, Airvida generates high concentration negative ions from both sides to absorb the floating particles in the air. 

The solution is feasible when the pollutant concentration is relatively low. Due to the limit of the size, in case the air quality is poor outdoors, the actual effect will be unsatisfactory. In comparison, Dyson directly provides clean air, which seems to work better. 

Of course, so far, such a design remains just a patent. Whether Dyson can bring it to life and apply it to products is still a question. Anyway, we are looking forward to the emergence of such a product. 

What do you think of the patent? Isn't it innovative and audacious? Which kind of products would you choose, the air purifier or the air-purifying headphones?

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