[Gift!] You Can Crawl in the Bed to Turn off Light in Winter! Every Bedroom Should Be Equipped with a Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light
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[Gift!] You Can Crawl in the Bed to Turn off Light in Winter! Every Bedroom Should Be Equipped with a Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light

We decorated our house in 2010. At that time, all the lights we used are energy-saving. 

The downside is that an energy-saving light is not bright the moment it is opened; it will be brighter and brighter only after a period. What's worse, the shape is old-fashioned. 

These are the reasons why I wanted to change the lights. 

I watched a lot of videos on YouTube about a lot of smart lights on Mi Crowdfunding and became interested in them. 

I checked the related customer reviews and was sure about the high quality. Thus, I bought this one.

Yeelight Bright Moon LED Ceiling Light


Yeelight Bright Moon LED ceiling light measures 480x480x80mm. Its rated power is 32W, input current is 0.145A. The color temperature varies from 2700-6000K. The LED emitters boast an ultra-long service life of 25,000 hours. Both the color temperature and brightness can be adjusted.

√ IP50 dustproof

√ High color rendering index

√ Intelligent control

√ Moonlight mode

√ Suitable for rooms around 25㎡


First, let's take a look at its appearance.

The body is made of a soft and exquisite material. Pressed with your finger, it can bounce back.

Accessories include screws, an instruction, and remote control.

There are five buttons on the remote control: on, off, daylight/moonlight switch, manual mode, dimming.


According to the user manual, the base of the ceiling light features a quick-release mounting design. It is fixed well when you hear a "click." The operation is quite simple.

Any electrician who has never been met such a ceiling light before can easily manage to install it after reading the user manual.

After completing the installation of the new Yeelight LED ceiling light, you can use the provided Bluetooth remote control to turn it on/off, adjust the color temperature and brightness.

Meanwhile, you can also download the Yeelight APP or Apple Homekit to control the ceiling light through your mobile phone remotely.

Lighting Effect

1. Large illumination angle

We might have the same experience concerning the small illumination angle - only the area under the light is the brightest in the room; other places are much darker. It is inconvenient for reading or doing other things. The insufficient brightness does harm to the eyes over time.

The luminous surface of this Yeelight ceiling light is 480mm. It emits a super bright light that can be reflected and light up the entire ceiling.

There won't be any dark corners. You might even take the room for a brand new one.

2. Adjustable brightness and color temperature

Let's take a look at the lighting effect first. Please ignore the halo due to the image compression.

To show you all the brightness levels and color temperature settings of this ceiling light, I took pictures at the same position and from the same angle, hoping that you can refer to these photos.

Four color temperature settings

The color temperature varies from 2700K to 6000K. The fourth is the brightest one.

For work, you can use the cold white light to be more concentrated; and use warm light to relax when you need relaxation.

Four brightness levels

There are also 4 brightness levels. I took photos of different brightness levels based on the cold white light. From left to right, you can see that the brightness is lower and lower. You can dim the light according to your needs.

According to the official introduction, the color rendering index of the light is up to 95Ra, to restore the natural colors of any object. It must be helpful for those with poor eyesight.

3. A Night Light That Produces Moonlight

The night light mode is awesome - you'll feel as if you took the moon home.

The gentle light shines on the table, the bedspread in the room, and all your worries seem to be gone.

What's more, this feature is especially suitable for girls, children, or grandparents who are afraid of the darkness, because the light is non-glaring and reassuring.

Pros that are worth mentioning

In actual use of most ceiling lights, the most significant trouble is that all kinds of flying insects and dust enter inside, making the light darker and dirtier so that you have to clean it regularly.

Fortunately, the dustproof rating of the light is IP50. It means that it can keep from all external substances. Such a design is user-friendly, avoiding a lot of trouble for you.

Summary of my experience

Yeelight Bright Moon ceiling light features excellent workmanship and extraordinary performance. With intelligent functions, it is one of the great solutions for smart home lighting.

It will be even better if the smart ceiling light could offer more different styles.

How to Buy:

Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Support HomeKit Siri Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



Original price: $149.00

Gearbest flash sale: $99.99

Yeelight YLXD41YL 320mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Support HomeKit Siri Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



Original price $129.99

Gearbest flash sale: $79.99

Now, here's good news for you if you buy either of the ceiling mentioned above lights. 

1. Customers who make the first 100 orders will receive a Yeelight 10W RGB E27 Smart Light Bulb as a gift.
2. Customers who make the first 500 orders will receive a Yeelight Bluetooth Dimmer Switch Smart Controller Paste as a gift.
3. For the first to place an order via this post, I will send one more gift by myself, a Xiaomi Smart Door Windows Sensor.
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