Instead of Struggling to Clean, Use Alfawise AR182BLDC 18kPa Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, You'll Be Thankful for It
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Instead of Struggling to Clean, Use Alfawise AR182BLDC 18kPa Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, You'll Be Thankful for It

We all know it is difficult to use a canister vacuum to sanitize an item that splashes around executive chairs or inside a car. 

With  Alfawise 18kPa powerful cordless handheld stick vacuum, you don't need to be disturbed about litters. Imagine entering the vehicle of a friend and dump that a handheld vacuum cleaner would have dispatched welcome you. Don't be that kind of friend, attack the mess around your vicinity with this right tool. 

The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is a powerful suction machine like its counterpart with cords. No matter how tiny space is, the handheld device can be used and clean up the debris either at home or in the car. It has been successfully used to clean carpets, automobile floors, mites, specks of dust, allergies, pet/dog houses, etc. 

Using this involves less energy from you, but it does more work. Many other vacuum cleaning tools have an issue picking litters quickly from the ground, but with this, you don't need to stress to tidy your environment. Are you too busy to clean up your sofa, bed, or sweep your room? 

In less than 3 minutes, you can do all these with little or no stress, and this is exclusive to Alfawise 18kPA handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Design Highlights

Alfawise AR182BLDC 18kPa Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a complete vacuum cleaner. It has an 18Kpa suction device; this is used to remove every debris on the surface like dust, coffee beans, and mites effortlessly. 

You can find a 250W reliable brushless motors with 80,000rmp that makes it more durable. When it comes to varieties of features, this is well packed. 

Features include motorized roller brush, brush for floors, holes/crevice tool, tender/soft dusting brush for a smooth surface, auto mattress tool. 

The reliable 18kPa cordless handheld stick vacuum cleaner has 2200mAh battery life, battery type of 18650 lithium-ion, and 22.2V voltage with aluminum alloy and suction machine of 18,000pa capacity. 

The Product handheld vacuum weight has 1.4000 kg and Product sizes with (L x W x H): 33.00 x 11.50. 

When you're in the dark, this tool has led light that can be used to clean dark places or at night. 

Practical Performance

Alfawise 18kPa powerful cordless handheld stick vacuum works for 12 minutes when on high speed and 35 minutes on low speed with four hours charging time. It empty trash completely with easy, it evacuate up to trash within 180 square meters at a time. 

The washable sponge filter aids the thorough cleaning of the handheld vacuum cleaner; you can rinse it with water then allow it to dry for next use. 

All parts of the device like the soft dusting brush, crevice tool, motorized roller brush on the floor, motorized mattress tool, and the bright led light can be turned 360 degrees to make it convenient for you. The Alfawise 18kpa vacuum cleaner has a multi-filtration system.

They consist of cyclonic separator, stainless alloy filter, and two sponges to get rid of all impurities and avert air pollution. This handheld vacuum cleaner helps you collect 0.8L mega dust within a house of up to 180 square meters.


This is a handy and must-have vacuum cleaner for everyone. It is simple to use though a user manual is in the pack. 

Instead of struggling to clean under your bed/chairs, apply this, and in a few minutes, you are done. It is the quietest cleaner you will see around, and it does the job without disturbing your neighbors. 

Whatever you need for cleaning can be found in Alfawise 18PA handheld vacuum cleaner. If this is what you need, click the link below to get it. You will thank us, you did. 

Alfawise AR182BLDC 18kPa Powerful Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner with 2200mAh Battery



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