How To Measure Body Temperature Correctly?
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How To Measure Body Temperature Correctly?

During the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, many people have developed a good habit of measuring body temperature every day. However, every time a body temperature is measured, many people are filled with doubts: How high is the temperature? How can I make it more accurate? Don't worry, this article will show you how to take your temperature properly.

Body temperature is not constant

There is a difference between morning and evening: usually, in the afternoon, a person's body temperature is relatively high, while in the middle of the night and early morning, the body temperature is relatively low.
Different ages: Babies are generally warmer than adults.
There are differences in different parts:


normal range


Axillary temperature


Most used

Mouth temperature


Anal temperature


Closer to the real temperature of the human body

Forehead temperature

Affected by the outside world

Ear temperature

Affected by the outside world

Body temperature should be measured like this
Electronic thermometer: Recommended for family standing

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Axillary temperature measurement: ensure that the axillary is dry and clamp the measuring head, measure for more than 3 minutes, and the temperature is greater than 37.2 ℃, that is, fever;
Mouth temperature measurement: Put the measuring head on the left or right side of the tongue and measure for more than 60 seconds. The temperature in the morning is greater than 37.2 ℃, which means fever; the temperature in the afternoon is greater than 37.7 ℃, which means fever.
Anal temperature measurement: Gently insert the measuring head into the anus for 1 ~ 2cm, measure for more than 30 seconds, and the temperature is greater than or equal to 38.0 ℃, which means fever.
1. Do not use the same thermometer for different parts
2. Make sure the measuring head is fully clamped when measuring
3. Insufficient measurement time will affect the measurement results
Ear thermometer: does not require long-term cooperation of the baby, suitable for families with babies
Measurement methods:
1. Wear earmuffs to the ear thermometer before measurement
2. Gently pull your ears back and upwards when measuring
3. It is generally believed that ear temperature> 38.0 ° C is fever
1. It is best to fix one ear, or take the average of the left and right ear temperature
2. Earwax may affect measurement results
Forehead gun: generally used to check body temperature in public places

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Measurement methods:
1. Before measuring, set the forehead gun to body temperature mode so that the measurement result is accurate
2. When measuring, just swipe over the bridge of your nose
3. It is generally considered that the frontal temperature is higher than 38.0 ℃, which means fever (special period may have stricter standards)
1. Do not touch the forehead while measuring
2. Wind and sweat may affect the measurement results. After 5 minutes in the measurement environment, the results are more accurate.
Mercury thermometer: fragile, risk of poisoning, generally not recommended

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Measurement methods:
1. Shake the watermark in the thermometer to below 36 ℃
2. Keep the armpits dry and clamp the measuring head for 5 minutes or more
3. Holding the end away from the mercury, look at the level of the thermometer and take a reading
4. It is generally considered that axillary temperature is greater than 37.2 ℃
1. Make sure the measuring head is fully clamped when measuring
2. The measurement time is less than 5 minutes, which will affect the measurement results.
3. Be careful not to break the thermometer when using it
4. If the mercury flows out, collect it carefully with cardboard, then put it in a sealed bag and discard it. The room is immediately ventilated.
The above are the measurement methods of several different thermometers, and everyone must have been very clear.
If the measured body temperature is low, you can think about whether your measurement method is correct, or if you just entered the room from outdoors.
Don't worry if the measured temperature is high, it may be because you have just finished exercising or eating. In addition, just coming out of the warm environment may also cause the measured body temperature to be high. In this case, it is better to take the temperature again after half an hour.
All in all, I hope everyone is not overly nervous. I usually wear a mask, wash my hands, and take my temperature. I believe the virus is not so easy to find.

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