Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor Review.
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Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor Review.

2019’s best car compressor.

The Chinese manufacturer is not standing in one place and has now launched an automobile tire compressor called Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor on the market.

A necessary thing if you are going on a long journey since the road can become very unpredictable and no one is safe from breakdown.

According to technical specifications, the Xiaomi car compressor has a standard 12V cigarette lighter adapter, touch control button, maximum pressure up to 7 atmospheres, a large air volume capture of up to 32 liters per minute and more.

70Mai Air Compressor: Specifications

Material Type: Metal + PC+ LED
Item Type: Pumps
Voltage: DC 12V
Operating temperature: -20 to +70 C
Inflation pressure: up to 7 BAR
Size: 235 x 110 x 172.9 mm
Weight: 2,2 kg

70Mai Air Compressor: In the box

Inside the box, you will find a well-packed automotive compressor in a foam seal. There are also a brief instruction for use in various languages. That’s all.

70Mai Air Compressor: Design

The main body of the portable automobile compressor Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor is made of black metal. It has good build quality and during testing, there were no any defects.

On the front, you can see the name of the model and the main technical features.

Of course, the case, although made of high-quality metal, but the total weight of the device was about 2.2 kg, so there will be no problems with transportation.

In addition, for comfortable carrying, the manufacturer installed a ragged handle, which is convenient to hold and carry a long distance, if necessary.

In the lower part of the box, you can see four rubber legs that will dampen the compressor itself during tire inflation.

On the upper part of the case is a plastic cover under which all the necessary elements are located. For example, a half-meter rubber hose for tire inflation and a plastic quick-release fitting is located on the base.

The 12V power cable is 3.6 meters long. Therefore, connecting the compressor to the on-board network of the car will not be a problem.

There are also three additional nozzles for swapping balls, mattresses or even boats.

On the front panel inside the case, there is a digital LED display and touch buttons for control.

We liked the look with multi-function nozzles and a large digital screen that shows pressure accurately. Now lets talk about experience with use.

70Mai Air Compressor: Performance and tests

Xiaomi car compressor turns on when power is connected to the vehicle’s on-board network. If you connect the fitting to the tire valve, then on the digital screen you will see the current pressure.

The Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor has active cooling and you can hear the cooler working quietly, even when the compressor does not work but is connected to the power supply.

For ease of use at night and not only, but the touch panel of buttons also has a blue backlight.

If you press the R button, you can change the pressure measurement, for example, pounds per square inch (PSI), pressure in bars (BAR) and kilopascals (KPA).

Plus or minus is set to pressure with a value of 0.05 bar. When the pressure value changes, the numbers at the beginning will flash, and then the selected value will be shown. But the maximum pressure is 7 atmospheres or bars.

The power button starts or stops the compressor itself.

As the manufacturer indicates, the owner of the Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor is able to pump up the tire for 3 minutes.

Let's check it out! We took the tire completely flat with a size of 16 radius and inflate it to an atmosphere of 2.2 bar. During the test, the result was 3 minutes and 25 seconds, which is pretty good.

When the set pressure is reached, the compressor automatically shuts off. Need note that we set the figure to 2.2 bar, but the compressor pumped 2.25 bar. This is no coincidence, since when disconnecting the nozzle from the valve of the tire pressure slightly decrease.

The memory function is also present and when disconnected from the power supply, you will not set the required pressure every time.

An interesting point is the volume of work while swapping, the Xiaomi 70Mai Air Compressor has a maximum noise level of 70 dB, which is much lower for its competitors.

70Mai Air Compressor: Conclusions

The build quality is very good, as it has a metal protective and portable case. It also has an additional nozzles, so you can pump up not only the car tire but also other objects, such as a ball, mattress or boat.

The maximum pressure of up to 7 atmospheres allows even the tire of an SUV to be inflated without any problems. The touch controls and the digital panel look very good and have an accurate pressure reading, like at a tire fitting station.

70mai TP01 DC 12V Auto Air Compressor Pump 100 psi Inflator with Tire Pressure Gauge for Most Items



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