Rogbid Brave Android Smart Watch Review
Sergio Montana

Rogbid Brave Android Smart Watch Review

Budget smartphone for the wrist!

Face Unlock, real Android operating system and then a “huge” battery? Sounds like a budget smartphone, but the new Rogbid Brave is about a smartwatch. Is the Brave a worthy competitor to the Kospet Prime?

Rogbid, as a manufacturer of smartwatches, is actually making its first appearance with the current Brave model. A Smartwatch with the name “Brave” already exists - namely the Kospet Brave. But the Rogbid Brave and the Kospet Brave differ in size and battery capacity. Nevertheless, the use of a full Android operating system creates a certain common ground. Let's see on this in this review.

In the box

The scope of delivery of the Rogbid Brave includes the smartwatch and wristbands, a tool to open the SIM slot, a magnetic USB charging cable, a magnetic charging station with an integrated battery and cable, and a user manual.


With a thickness of 19 mm and case dimensions of approx. 59 mm x approx. 51 mm, the Rogbid Brave is actually the large smartwatch and surpasses the Kospet Brave or the LEMFO LEM X. The Rogbid Brave is simply huge and you can see and notice it immediately. Getting a shirt sleeve over this watch is almost impossible and you just don't want to wear this monster for sports or even to sleep.

The TPU bracelets are 24 mm wide and 87 mm or 120 mm long, bringing the Brave to a total length of approx. 26.5 cm. The bracelet is actually quite comfortable to wear and is reliably held in place by a pin buckle.

Overall, the watch follows a round design, although the case has a kind of reverse notch at the top and bottom. The 8 MP front camera and microphone are also built into the upper notch.

The bezel is made of ceramic and extends downwards about 3 mm on the outside of the case edge. I actually find the look created in this way quite acceptableif it weren't for these huge dimensions. The rest of the housing is made of plastic.

On the right side there are two buttons and the 8 MP main camera. The charging pins, the heart rate sensor and the screw-on compartment for the nano SIM card are located on the underside.

Finally, the speaker is on the left side of the case. Despite the “openings” for the microphone and loudspeaker, the Brave is waterproof to IP 68and according to the manufacturer it can be used in the water for up to 50 meters and 48 hours.


In addition to the impressive dimensions, the Rogbid Brave naturally also has a few inner values to offer. The MediaTek MTK6739 Quad Core, known for this type of watch, works here together with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. This setup is also used by the Kospet Prime and is very powerful for a watch. There is also the 8 MP front and haptic camera, a nano SIM card slot with full 4G support, a 1.69 inch display, a full Android 7.1.1 operating system and the largest battery in a smartwatch with an enormous 1360 mAh.

Of course, features such as a pedometer, optical pulse measurement on the wrist, Face Unlock, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN, nine different sport modes and many other features such as weather, calendar, music player, alarm clock, etc. are also available. It is basically a budget smartphone for the wrist and that is quite remarkable.


The 1.69-inch IPS touch panel dissolves with 450 x 450 pixels and is well embedded in the ceramic bezel. It is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and thus the entire top of the watch is quite insensitive to damage - a real plus point.

The panel has a pretty good color rendering and so the colors look very strong. The brightness can be adjusted using a stepless controllerand is loosely enough to the maximum to be able to read the display even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, there is no automatic brightness control. But at least three different brightness levels can be selected directly via the status menu.

On the whole, the touch panel does its job satisfactorily. Using the Google keyboard for entries, e.g. in the browser or in Google Maps, is very fiddly, but you can still reach your goal with a little patience. Otherwise voice input helps.


In terms of connectivity, the Rogbid Brave has a lot to offer. The 2.4 / 5 GHz 802.11 a / b / g / n WLAN module works perfectly. New networks can be easily connected and you have direct internet access on your watch. When you are out and about, you can even use mobile internet in full 4G quality via the nano SIM card slot.

Together with the GPS module and Bluetooth 4.0 , the Rogbid Brave can be used as a smartphone replacement become. You can, for example, be navigated directly on the watch using Google Maps or, for example, install the Spotify app and enjoy your favorite music via a connected Bluetooth headset. Due to the really good connectivity, there are hardly any limits to the whole thing.

OS & App

The full-fledged Android 7.1.1 operating system remains the strength of smartwatch. It offers the entire world of the pre-installed Google Playstore. Here you are only limited by the Android version and the memory.

The structure of the OS does not actually differ from that of the competition. From the watchface you can either go to the status menu with quick access (swipe down), the notifications (swipe to the right), the step counter (swipe up) or the actualMain menu with all other functions (swipe to the left).

But the big problem with this type of smart watch, however, remains the fact that the operating system was not designed for a round screen and unfortunately you notice that again and again. The Rogbid Brave also offers the option of reducing the screen section to a square so that the outer corners of apps are not cut off. Nevertheless, I still don't really enjoy using it. When it comes to using the Google universe on the wrist, Wear OS watches simply continue to be miles ahead - even the new Rogbid Brave doesn't change that.

The smartphone app for the Brave is the WiiWatch 2 app. Since this is a kind of universal app that is used by many manufacturers for very different models, one should not expect the functionality of Huawei Health, Mi Fit or the Amazfit app. For example, call, SMS and app notifications can also be madeconfigure. Answering messages directly via the watch is not possible in this Bluetooth mode. However, if you use the watch with a nano SIM card, you can install the appropriate messenger directly on the watch and then of course answer directly via the watch.


The battery of the Rogbid Brave with a capacity of 1360 mAh is the largest battery that I have been able to test in such a smartwatch so far. During testing with usual using it was able to achieve a total battery life of 3 days , which is a really good value for watches of this type at first sight. However, during active using unfortunately there is not more than a day of battery life in it.

The Rogbid Brave is charged directly via a magnetic charging cable that has a USB port. In addition, there is also a magnetic charging station, which in turn has an integrated battery with 2200 mAh and can therefore charge the watch more than once even without a socket within reach.


The design is basically okay and the features of the watch are absolutely impressive. Above all, the operating system makes the watch in connection with a nano SIM card a real smartphone replacement for on the go.

But due to its round screen and size, the watch can never perform typical smartphone applications as well as a classic smartphone can. If you disregard the size, nevertheless, it is definitely one of the best models among the Chinese Android smartwatches.

Rogbid Brave 4G 5ATM Diving Smart Watch Phone Ceramic Bezel 8MP Dual Camera Wi-Fi Hotspot 3G + 32G GPS Glonass 3560mAh Battery



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