OnePlus May Launch TV in Four Sizes in Three Countries on September 26
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OnePlus May Launch TV in Four Sizes in Three Countries on September 26

OnePlus TV will be launched in China, India, and the United States. The smart TV to be released will be in at least four different sizes, 43 inches, 55 inches, 55 inches, and 75 inches.

As it is known to all, a few Chinese smartphone manufacturers have already entered the television market. Among them, Xiaomi stands out, bringing tremendous pressure to traditional TV manufacturers. According to the latest media report, another Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is trying to enter the field of smart TV.

It is revealed by the co-founder and CEO of OnePlus in September last year. He announced that OnePlus would release a smart TV in 2019 to diversify the products. However, he didn’t reveal too much about the television later.

However, last week, the SIG Bluetooth certification of OnePlus TV was found. Now, there is more related information about the launch date.

It is estimated that OnePlus will release a series of smart TVs in the last week of September in 2019, between 25th to 30th. The date is likely to be September 26. Although the plan may be changed, there’s still no official announcement.

BIS certification of OnePlus TV was also found. The document indicates that the company has at least a TV uses the display panel from TPV Display Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Although it seems that the company doesn’t have OLED display, OnePlus TV might be equipped with an OLED display. 

Compared with traditional LCD panels, an OLED display offers better picture quality and lowers the power consumption. However, its manufacturing cost is rather high. In recent years, more and more manufacturers launch OLED TVs.

According to media reports, related documents show that the OnePlus TV might be released in China, India, and the United States. There will be at least four sizes, including 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches.

The TV series will provide a unique experience of Android TV based on Bluetooth 5.0. The unique experience probably means the combination of custom interface and Apps. 

OnePlus CEO mentioned before that the first TV was to be competitive. It is expected to have a 4K HDR screen, Android operating system, an extraordinary appearance, as well as AI optimization for better image quality.

OnePlus TV is to be distributed through Amazon in India. According to the CEO, currently, smart televisions don’t provide good enough Internet experience. Thus, OnePlus is going to offer excellent design, remarkable image quality, and immersive acoustic experience.

OnePlus will incorporate a smart voice assistant to the TV. Up till now, what it will remain a question, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? 

Additionally, OnePlus is trying to gain a competitive advantage over counterparts in the connection between the TV and smartphones to display more notifications, such as agenda, traffic information.

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